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Liberation Festival in Pilsen

Liberation Festival in Pilsen Directed by Vaclav Marhoul brothers Cabana offers a unique display of Plzeň historical military equipment, flight fighter aircraft of the Czech Army, a rich cultural program and square dancing ..

Gala evening with dances in traditional costumes to the beat of swing on the main square, historical reconstruction of the city liberation by American tanks, overflights Gripen and other aircraft of the Army of the Czech Republic, a convoy of 300 historic military vehicles, authentic military camps with contemporary tanks Sherman, Stuart, Hellcat, presenting contemporary Czech and US military raid on the station Pilsen Koterov, the first concert of the American rock legend Lynyrd Skynyrd, but also touching encounters and meetings with veterans, survivors of liberation, Patton grandchildren or even a special batch of beer Gambrinus from American hops tapping of contemporary automobile. .. All this and much more to offer in Pilsen Liberation Festival that May 1 to 6 commemorate the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Pilsen by the US Army.

In many exceptional range of celebrations that will spread throughout the city, it is due not only to the two anniversaries, but also because Liberation Festival this year are a major part of the European Capital of Culture 2015.

"The aim of this year's festival is to remember the story that Pilsen has endured as the westernmost outpost of the Eastern bloc, as a city liberated by the US army, but which belonged to the territory of the Soviet Zone. Speak up about what happened then, let us remember again the stories of American soldiers and their Pilsen hosts and friends. Let's enjoy the festivities as well as the freedom enjoyed Pilseners in 1945. We wish to Pilsen - additionally, in which boasts the title of European Capital of Culture - lived celebrations, "says
1st Deputy Mayor Martin Baxa.

The main program Liberation Festival, the public will be held on the weekend first until May 3, when people will be able to Pilsen different locations throughout the day to visit the activities associated with the period or the current military life: for example, authentic military camp of the 16th Armored Division with the most contemporary technology (Sherman, Stuart, Hellcat) and demonstrations soldier's life in the camp or program of military history clubs including how people dressed in 1945 and how they lived. They will also be able to visit Checkpoint Raiders checkpoint current US Army, US Marines and exposure to their quarters, as well as an accompanying program of the museum Patton Memorial Pilsen, and see a rich presentation of the activities of the Czech Army and the US Army.

Interview with Vaclav Marhoul the Liberation Festival

Within the Celebration of freedom are preparing this year on May 2 in Pilsen, along with artists Michael and Simon Caban special evening at the Freedom Square. What can we expect?
Yes, this event is conceptually and directing I participate with Michal Caban. Simon then invented the visual element, including decorations. Otherwise - Event begins on Saturday 2nd May at the Liberty Square at seven pm and ends at eleven. When I work for this City of Pilsen called for, and I started thinking about it, I remembered the year 1990, when Plzeň she experienced the very best celebration of freedom that there ever was. That euphoria is logically no longer be repeated. It has been a few months since the fall of communism, nobody history distortion and is not organized anything, everything originated spontaneously and naturally. Today, everything we need permission for everything we ordinances and regulations. However, just a year but 90 was for us such a prototype and inspiration. In other words - we want this night also put a little chaos into a relaxed, although controlled. We agreed on the fact that we do not want any political manifestations at any level. Kernel is just and only veterans and ordinary people who come.

How does it concretely will be on the main square Pilsen look like?

There will be three stages. Taking center stage from the church towards the so called. Meeting Point, the second will be on your right hand when you stand facing the town hall and left the theater. There should at all times reflect the contemporary archival materials not only Pilsen, but also about the liberation of the whole western Bohemia by the US Army. The 11-year-old film called Americans in the country. Furthermore, the project will třináctiminutový shot by director Boudník, in which the testimony of individual witnesses and veterans. These two films will run all the time in the loop. On the smaller stage at the City Hall brass band will play Domažličanka. Brass for 1945 is inherently a second reason why we've included in the program was the fact that we wanted to dedicate this evening to all generations. Then later replaced Taxmeni group, which will be for fans of military folk and country, and on this ground very well known. On the central stage will play swing ensemble Melody Makers Ondrej Havelka. They later replaced with a very energetic band Mydy Rabycad, an electronic swing. All groups will also be a theater so little overlap, and might even sound a bit disturbed. It does not matter to us but, quite the contrary.

The main mission of your evening entertainment is to be presented to the public in addition to individual veterans and units. How did you grapple with this difficult task, so that everything is lean and the audience in the square were not burdened with a long list of heroes?
All representing not last too long - will be about half an hour. Each veteran will be brought jeep tour from which in the meantime Ondřej Havelka at crucial points it tell the story of the war. This is not only about those twelve American and Belgian veterans about five, but also a representative of the Czechoslovak Armored Brigade, which also arrived in Pilsen in the form of a combined section and even a pilsner resistance fighter who symbolically represented by all who in 1945 actively participated in the uprising . And then we will only entertainment. Besides the main stage will be a big dance floor and VIP tables to him then, but which will be reserved solely and exclusively for veterans and their families. Otherwise - we are concerned just to make people entertained, they danced a while and tasted free specialty beer from American hops, which on this occasion dedicated Pilsner Urquell in a special brew called Gambinus Liberation. The whole event will then accompany the fireworks from the roof of Hotel Central.

Will something happen and in adjacent streets Square?

Apart from food stalls, there will be exposed to US military technology to her people could touch and look at it closely.

How long you work at the event and how difficult were the actual preparation?

About two and a half months. We do it with Michal Caban entered cleanly and especially after the creative and directorial page. Michal then partially through the organization. Technical production rests on the shoulders of Pilsen agency Media Production Music that matter also did their bit. Another big thank you goes to Mrs. Jana Komišové and Denise Krylov from the Pilsen Municipality. Organizationally, it was because of helpfulness all very well.

They should equip people with something special for this event? I mean, pennants, flags, anything associated with contemporary events.
We would very much like to see people come in period dress, or at least what he will be remembered. Not everyone has it in a closet, of course, but just improvise. The ladies then went on attire, kloboučkách in costumes. Gentlemen will have an easier task - just tie, jacket and pants or suit.

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