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Three important tips for getting pregnant faster

Most couples planning the family wants to conceive babies succeed as soon as possible. Regular sexual intercourse during ovulation closest partner is just one of the things that the chance of pregnancy can support. But there are several other measures, which is good in this context to think.

First NI Council for:

Keep an eye on your weight - either too low or, conversely, heavy weight can delay successful conception. Although it is a factor often overlooked, it is important for fertility. In a study examining 2112 pregnant women has been found that a more tender sex individuals with BMI values ​​25 to 39 (in this range, the longer is the overweight or obese) number took twice longer than in women with normal weight (BMI 18.5 to 24.9) . For ladies that were contrary BMI less than 19, this time even quadruple.
What is BMI: body mass index (BMI) - a simple way of calculating the indicative, as you stand with your weight. With higher BMI is associated potential health risks and one of them may be the infertility .

Beware of bad habits
- excessive consumption of alcohol or coffee goes with difficulties when trying to conceive also go hand in hand. According to experts, the reduced fertility associated drinking large amounts of coffee (5 cups daily amount and more). However, one to two cups likely useless harm. Similarly to the intake of alcohol. Maximum consumption of one drink for infertility plays a role, but higher amounts of longer can radically affect the results of your efforts.

2. The Council for HIM:

Protect your sperm   - This special protection is meant primarily care about the temperature of the testicles. Excessive heat is detrimental to sperm production, and therefore may have some activity increasing temperature sensitive parts men's negative influence on fertility. This includes eg. Frequent bathing in a whirlpool or hot tub or prolonged use of a laptop on your lap. Regarding suitable undergarment situation is more complicated. It is not proven whether it is really better to wear shorts rather than traditional briefs.

3. Tips for both:

Stop smoking - cigarettes affects a woman's ability to take an egg and the uterus can lead to lower men's sperm or damage to their DNA.
Find the fertile days - so find. Fertile window, which consists of six days ending with ovulation. Your chances are greatest during the last three days before ovulation. Do not leave because sexual intercourse until the day of ovulation itself.
Sex keep frequently - an effort to save something for later on conception work. Conversely, regular sex has a positive effect on sperm. The ideal is practiced intercourse every other day.
Carefully choose lubricants - frequent sex with multiple partners reaching for lubricants, which according to the doctors wrong. It is only necessary to be prudent in their selection, some applications may contain spermicidal agents, meaning they can harm sperm. Likewise, they do not benefit water-based lubricants - they can harm sperm motility.
Avoid pesticides and other contaminants - and especially agriculture. Toxins also used eg. In the printing or wastewater can harm your fertility.
Psychological well-being - in the human body are all connected and be as calm is one of the factors that may help conception. Therefore, do not despair of failed attempts, try to be positive and "compulsory" sex must be a more pleasant romantic dinner or walk.

Source: U lékař

Author of the article: MD. Barbora Boudová

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