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Modern fathers are playful

Modern fathers are playful Czech family is changing and with it, particularly the role and influence of his father. In recent years, a growing interest in men to participate actively in the education of their children. The generation of more passive fathers turns men who are about caring for children sincere interest and are willing to devote time and energy. He spent with them not only the best possible care, but also playing.

Recent international research has shown that today's fathers to their children collect those toys that remind them of their own childhood or that it will help them build a stronger bond plays a descendant because creating something together. Psychologists then confirm that the modern generation of fathers is more playful than the previous ones.

Men - fathers are raising children in their distinctive and irreplaceable role.
Emerging trend in modern parenting, which is to strengthen the influence of the father on the upbringing of their child, this role is becoming even stronger, and represents a new direction in the development of modern families. Active fatherhood develops a relationship with a male child and expands the career opportunities for women. A recently published research Open Men League, which is an initiative dealing with the long-term quality of life of men and fathers in family roles, also shows that Czech men are increasingly interested in active fatherhood and they want to paternity leave, wanting to be immediately after the birth of a child his partner and child at home.

"Modern man is sensitive and playful. Freeing the division of roles for men's and women proudly wearing their children in slings, goes with them on the rings, taking them sometimes alone on weekend trips to mothers to rest. Today's fathers often grow up with the arrival of children. When you strip away the negatives, saving grace is that the present time promotes joint activities for children with fathers, a common spree, laughter and adventure. These are among the factors happy childhood and a solid relationship with parents. Therefore, logically fathers increasingly choosing toys that remind them of their own childhood or toys that reflect their current hobbies, children's sports equipment, models of real objects, areas of interest. "Says
psychologist and therapist Mgr. Elizabeth Bachová.

But the market is not so large number of toys that would be able to satisfy both the child and parents. One of the examples where manufacturers have managed to bring together the worlds of adults and children, for example is a new generation autodromes. On bicycle and racetracks overcome a series of adventure racers small obstacles, dads then happy to help with the construction of these pathways and thus become architects literally child's imagination.

"It is good that today there are some toys that focus on the fun of both father and child, it is always nicer to do something for the children than for them." D odává Mgr. Elizabeth Bachová.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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