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Magic lights up children's rooms

You also have a little not like the dark? At a time when the outside early dusk, the lighting in the nursery more important than ever. What lights but to choose and what to avoid?

"In arranging rooms Parents often think that children do not play or read them only at the table. One lamp on the desk and one ceiling light them because of their diverse activities not nearly enough, "says Sarka Richtrová of study Viabel that in designing children's rooms specializes in ten years.

In the nursery is well applied handy wall lights and lamps with small clips appropriate to the crib, the illuminator board or to brighten dark corners. For romping on a carpet or read very well serve as well as safely designed floor lamp, perhaps resembling a large toadstool.

Shining friends

It was the combination of playful design with a maximum in safety is what lights designed specifically for children differs from conventional luminaires. "The lights in the children's room is not just inanimate objects, especially smaller children as they take their shining friends, who by day is fun and inspire their imagination and evening deprive them of their fear of the dark," says Sarka Richtrová that when choosing lighting focuses on how to bring the dreams of children and parents' wishes into reality.

Best hits are needed by the lightweight ceiling lights in the shape of dragon boating, Flower, elephant or airplanes - imaginative lights made of a special foil priplak are not only cute and fun, but also easy to clean and virtually unbroken: implode and will not harm them nor wildly thrown ball . Priplak such material is also environmentally friendly, does not contain harmful substances such as other plastics and is totally recyclable.

Excellent tip for children's rooms are also self-adhesive luminous decorations. On the white wall they are almost invisible, is charged daylight and welcoming glow then helps the children to sleep.

Principles when buying lighting for children's rooms by Sarka Richtrová:
Light select so that was nice, functional and safe for small children's fingers, but even so the children while the children entertained and develop their imagination
illuminate if possible, all the nooks where children spend a long time
especially at night starlight cots place so that the child could itself easily turn on and turn off
a bear or a bunch? If we are clear about the type of light, we may choose from several options, get involved in the selection and the child itself: only then will pokojíček perceived as truly his, and it will feel satisfied and happy

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