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People in Need in Nepal

People in Need in Nepal People in Need began to operate in the Nepalese Gorce near the earthquake epicenter. People most in need tarpaulins for temporary shelter.

According to the United Nations in Nepal has been completely destroyed 70,000 homes, and another 530,000 are injured. Homeless is estimated 2.8 million Nepalese, thus every tenth of the population of the country. More than 3.5 million people need food aid and the total earthquake struck eight million people. Growing number of victims, which is now more than 5,500 additional more than 10,000 people, according to UN injured. Rescue work while complicating steady rain, aftershocks and landslides caused by earthquakes.

Situation Gorka

A team of People in Need, together with the Nepalese volunteers began to work in the district Gorka near the earthquake epicenter. Helped local authorities to assist with the coordination, data collection and distribution of areas for assistance. At the same time he helped with the organization of the first distribution of aid, which came into place. Paramedics treated the first wounded. The team also purchases the required goods and works to ensure logistics from Kathmandu to Gorky.

"People most in need of food and tarpaulins to build temporary shelters. Around them will need at least 50,000, "says the coordinator of humanitarian assistance in Gorce Sudip Joshi." The big problem is that the rotting corpses of animals, which are a potential source of infection, "says Sudip Joshi.

The biggest problem will be getting aid to remote villages, where access is often only by motorbike or on foot. "Our teams of volunteers went to Bungkotu, tapped, Singles and Dhawy. Will visit at least ten villages, "says Sudip Joshi. It differs needs help and can not be distributed across the board. "There are villages where fallen 80 or 90 percent of the houses, and then the place where the damage was much smaller," says the coordinator of humanitarian assistance in Nepal Denisa Bultasová.

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