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Theatrical Colours: Dejvické theater, Polívková and Issová, Daemen and VOSTO5

Theater program of this year's International Festival of Colours of Ostrava will offer several performances of drama, circus, non-verbal theater and free improvisation.

Colours of Ostrava for the first time arrives in Prague Dejvice Theatre with acclaimed productions Ucpanej system directed by Michael Vajdička. "Filthiest productions in theater history Dejvického" with actor personalities such as Ivan Trojan, Miroslav Krobot, Myšička Martin, Martin Pechlát, Jaroslav Plesl or Hynek Cermak was according to the stories from the book and the screenplay Irvine Welsh Acid House.

A combination of acrobatics, dance and live beatbox showcase the performance Loser (s) Daemen pair, along with other acrobats and dancers.

Actress Anna Polívková and Martha Issová bring to the Colours of Ostrava performances Belle Intercontinental - Arte et Marte, which was founded in Prague La Fabrika. Rather nonverbal performance about friendship, not only for its bright, but shaded to the dark side offers animations Michaela Pavlátová and ground acrobatics, dance, postýlkovou scene, cry, scream, sing.

And would not it Colours of Ostrava that did not show his art of improvisation with the legendary theater performances VOSTO5 effort - the group to which they should forget Stand'artní cabaret.

Theatrical performances will complement the offer for children Otesánek Theaters Kvelb.

Ucpanej system Dejvického theater
won the Alfred Radok Award for the best performance of the year 2012. Ivan Trojan won the Alfred Radok Award 2012 in the category Best Actor for his role as God, and in this role he was nominated for the Thalia Award. Given that it is the filthiest Dejvického production in the history of the theater and a large number of vulgar words that are a necessary part of the game dialogs, not performance suitable for viewers younger than 15 years and viewers particularly susceptible to this way of speaking. Directed by Michael Vajdička play Ivan Trojan, Václav Neuzil, Miroslav Krobot, Myšička Martin, Martin Pechlát, Jaroslav Plesl, Hynek Cermak, Petr Vršek, Jana Holcová, Klára and Lenka Melíšková Krobotová.

Winners of the contest Czech Slovakia has talent - acrobatic duo Daemen - appealed for showing Loser (s) other performers from the ranks of dancers and acrobats, and under the guidance of renowned choreographer Jarek Čemerka arose impressive performance full of acrobatics, dance and humor that accompanies live beatboxer Andrew Havlik alias En .dru.

At the beginning of Belle Intercontinental productions - Arte et Marte was great friendship and Martha Ann Polívkova Issova. And the effort to disprove the notion that female comedy duo can not exist. The very essence of feminine nature is fairer sex will not allow a person to admit that it could be dumber, deft or perhaps even uglier than the other. During testing, it was confirmed that this proposition is true macho. For this reason, they stopped along the main characters, communicate and created almost nonverbal performance about friendship, not only for his bright, but shaded to the dark side. In addition to animation film director and animator Michaela Pavlátová offers and ground acrobatics, dance, postýlkovou scene, crying, roaring, singing.

Introducing Efforts - The band, to which should forget Vosto5 a stunning theatrical documentary about the discovery of the legendary Czech band that was silenced just before it became famous. Musician and filmmaker Petr Marek (MIDI PEOPLE Monikino cinema, etc.) Accidentally discovered in the archives of forgotten musical legend, a band effort. The reconstruction stage of his investigation and discovery of original songs and fascinating destinies members now completely unknown band also ripped Theatre Vosto5.

Stand'artní Cabaret Theater VOSTO5 offers a completely open theater and music improvisation evening. Stand'artní cabaret experiences every time its premiere and last performance. Boys Ondar, Petar, Tomina, Jura and Kurt will demonstrate their maximum improvisation standard! Nothing more, nothing less!

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