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Film Gangster Ka is doglegging

April 28, after 50 days of shooting, the director Jan Pachl his crew finished filming the thriller Gangster Ka, which took place not only in Prague and its surroundings. The crew also flew during this winter filming for a week in South Africa and two weeks in the Canary Islands. The story is divided into two separate films.

The first episode of Gangster Ka focuses on events surrounding the character Cathy in the Czech Republic and in cinemas to see him since September 10, 2015, the second Ka Gangster: African who comes to theaters November 26, 2015, based on Káčkovy exile adventure.

Film director Jan Pachl to shoot says: "During the execution of the film Gangster Ka year I descended into the environment of people whose thinking and acting is so different from everyday life. Demimonde of fraud, robbery and murder. I was fascinated by how little it takes to make the healthy impudent businesswoman became the number one gangster. Actually, I was fascinated until now and I firmly believe that, as well as viewers will be fascinated. Ka is a gangster film, which never been here before. Bold assertion? So let's see: You know, what goes through his head gangster when you're eating breakfast? "

The film produced by Adam Dvorak, who has had a successful film movies like The Rafters berries 2Bobule, Martin and Venus or Lidice, and that the shooting, adding: "Gangster Film Ka was probably my hardest shoot. Given the very limited budget for the two films (37 million dollars), it was often necessary to do wonders. It is already clear, however, that the resulting material has a very epic and spectacular. I was as surprised as authentically some scenes work. The film definitely departs from the classic Czech film. "

Synopsis: Gangster Ka

Interior Ministry warning: Money is strongly addictive substance. Gangsters die prematurely.

Crime thriller Gangster Ka is filmed on a story by Jaroslav Kment who is the author of "Padrino Krejčíř".

Radim Kraviec alias Káčko has high intelligence and a flair for the perfect scam. Where others reach for his weapon, he uses guile and armies of lawyers and monstrous capital. Blink of an eye robbing the state billions of crowns. But he is well aware of the limits that must not be exceeded. The boundary is the physical elimination of anyone from their surroundings. Thanks to contacts in the political arena going Kraviec triumphant masterpiece - control ČEPRO, corporations controlling all supplies of fuel in the country. When it works, it will be a "trade" century.

Ducky unexpectedly betrays his right hand, Albanian Cirkel Dardan, who works with economic crime series. The impossible becomes reality. Elusive tunneller Káčko ends in custody of the state are rescued billion. Meanwhile ... streetwise Kraviec thanks to clever legal kličkám gets quickly released. His caution and coldly calculating mind of disappearing forever. Starts ruthless machinery of revenge. Káčko crosses the imaginary boundary from financial criminals to ruthless butcher ...

Gangster Ka examines the mechanism of organized crime, brings light to a six-billion-dollar tunnel and try to objectively prove the birth of a real gangster. Directed by John Pachla (serial Circus Bukowski), who is also the author of the script on canvas excel Hynek Cermak, Alexei Pyško, Jaromir Hanzlik, Miroslav Etzler, Vlastina Svátková, Jan Vlasak, Jan Révai and more.

Synopsis: Gangster Ka: African

From the demimonde is no turning back.
The second part crime thriller about the fate of the ruthless gangster, inspired by true events, a story by Jaroslav Kment who is the author of "Padrino Krejčíř." Gangster Ka: African is a loose continuation of the criminal campaign Radim Kraviece alias Cathy.

After incomprehensible escape from the hands of the police, leaving Kraviec Czech Republic. A new phase of his criminal life. Káčko had nothing to lose. Only now starting to bubble up to the surface all the waste that was left for him. Káčko settles in the Seychelles, in the hands of a promissory note for 80 million, of which a dime can ask the Prime Minister and the government. 6 billion of the company vytunelovaného ČEPRO slowly dissolved, it is necessary to come up with a new source of income. Even if he had done because of the coup.

Czech Republic and exported to the world of gangster world class format. Whether they are the Seychelles and South Africa, everywhere this gangster enters, destroys the local mafia and raises its own procedure. On the surface, pushing the negative qualities of his character, depending on the excess use of drugs and alcohol. Káčko varies from exceptionally smart hustler on the darkest gangster, murderer and trader narcotics. And this is the demi-monde of no return ...

The final part of the dark story Gangster Ka: African director Jan Pachla underlines the fact that the wrongs committed can not be simply omitted. What are the mechanisms of organized crime? You can overcome them?

Jan Pachl (director)

director and screenwriter, he studied Film College in Pisek and then film directing at FAMU.
Cirkus Bukowski
- TV series TV (1st, 2nd series)

Story and screenplay: Jaroslav Kment

His articles exposing corruption and mafia connections and politics led to the resignation of a range of politicians, including Prime Minister Stanislav Gross, Deputy Prime Minister Egon Lány and Transport Minister Vit Barta. Due to the book Godfather II Mrazek - Krakatice embraced by politicians muzzle law that the media (absurdly) forbade publishing wiretaps. Kmenta is one of the pioneers of the so-called investigative journalism in the Czech Republic. In 2010 he won the prestigious prize Karel Havlicek Borovsky for long and thorough investigative journalism. Books on Czech underworld Godfather Trilogy Mrazek and witness to the killing became bestsellers. Based on the book The Godfather Mrazek was filmed story godfather.

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