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When is it too early potty

Period of the second and third year of life is exceptional in many respects. The child is often no longer able to control the excretion of faeces and urine and begins to be planted on the potty. Council pediatricians on this issue could be summarized in three words: do not rush, punish and not to compare!

Many of today's parents might have with the well-intentioned, but somewhat old-fashioned advice of their mothers-in-law trying to teach your baby potty training as soon as possible. The reasons may be practical but also economical - just as soon as possible to get rid of diapers.

But to get the child a new skill mastered without any problems, it should meet the following:
be sufficiently physically and mentally mature,
should be able to perceive filled rectum and bladder and sphincter control the relevant,
toddlers ready for planting potty knows about his need to tell excretion in advance,
mature children have from their successes associated with the practice of maintaining the purity of joy.

Purely an individual thing

New mothers often transmitted between a range of parenting experiences and willy-nilly like her old offspring compared. Every child is developing rapidly individually, and as regards its ability to properly use the potty, the differences between individuals may be many months.

Počůrání punish!

Most experts agree that if a child has to learn something, it should rather be positively motivated (praised) than punished. Rebuke, ridicule, threats and even physical punishments can cause a number of problems in the future, and not just in evacuating concerns. Suitable is neither flashy rewarding, especially not in the form of sweets. A two recommendations in conclusion:
Initiation of using the potty training is ideal in the summer months, when the child does not wear as many layers of clothing.
It is advisable not to leave the diaper in the period, which is another reason toddler demanding - we are talking about, for example, the birth of a sibling, moving or ongoing illness.

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