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In Sweden, the addict assistance nedočká

Sweden is the country with the strictest drug policies in Europe. Drug users there are indeed at least, no longer care for dependents, but remains essentially the party.

Drug abuse is a criminal offense in Sweden since 1988. They are also heavily promoted prevention programs in elementary and secondary schools and kindergartens. Because according to the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) have tried marijuana, for example, only nine percent of Swedish pupils. For comparison - here this is a 42 percent!

Strict anti-drug surveillance

The important role played by the police. Man suspected of consuming drugs may be detained immediately and undergo appropriate tests. If he comes out positive, there's a reason for criminal prosecution. Although it reduces cravings for the drug to reach the public, but it can be life-threatening. In overdose addicts often do not want to call medical help because they fear the arrival of the police.

The number of deaths is rising

Sweden therefore boasts the lowest number of dependents, the number of deaths due to overdoses or drug addiction but here rises. Lenient countries, such as Spain or Italy, about "their" drug addicts better care. They have a sophisticated system of needle exchanges to prevent HIV infection and there is also more accessible substitution treatment with methadone. Mortality due to drug addicts to reduce the long term:
In Spain, the number of deaths between 1995 and 2010 fell from 698 to 393 persons per year.
In Italy, even in the same period of 1195 to 374 people.
In contrast, in Sweden, their number has nearly quadrupled - from 70 in 1995 to 272 persons in 2010.

Change is coming, but slowly

Imperfection Swedish system recognizes and Björn Johnsson, an expert on drug policy from the University of Malmö. He says: "We are constantly on the prevention and urge people to not use drugs. But for those who already have this issue, we focus a little. "The only exception was until recently the city of Lund and Malmö, which began with the exchange of syringes already in the 80s. Otherwise, however, access to drug addicts change only slowly, such as Stockholm's needle exchange, perhaps since 2013.

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