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Prague Zoo: Rescued terns and local news at Seal

Prague Zoo: Rescued terns and local news at Seal The Prague zoo to see the new municipal terns that were artificially bred from eggs rescued from last year's floods in the eastern Slovak. A sea lion is preparing for a birthday party ...

In Prague caring breeders thirty terns, which is currently the largest group in Europe.
Way rescued terns general to the Prague zoo began in the Slovak Republic during last year's floods. There was a rescue operation in the framework of their eggs collected and transported to the Slovak rescue station for injured animals Zázrivá. Terns hatched after the Czech Republic in November last year brought the Prague Zoo, in cooperation with the Zoo Bojnice Zoo Pilsen.

There are all thirty individuals in the Prague zoo, of which twelve are newly on display in shooting a whole bird wetlands. In the Czech and Slovak Republics Visitors can this kind of birds seen anywhere else. Terns are generally kept very rarely in Europe. Apart from Prague Zoo are only four other European zoos.

Gaston's granddaughter has two years

Wendy female sea lion, the first granddaughter of the legendary Gaston, will soon celebrate its second birthday. She was born on May 22 male and female Ababa watermelon. Breeders originally supposed to be his mother rather shy nature but Wendy has proven to be very focal cub, which I like to learn new things.

Wendy came into the world at night. Abeba she gave birth on the beach of exposure, so the keepers found her in the morning, when they came to work. For seals it is difficult to determine the exact date of birth, but the female pregnancy lasts approximately one year. Fur seals are born with wettable hair, because about two to three months can not be in the water.

The exhibition of the Prague zoo is currently on display five sea lions in South Africa: male Watermelon, Julinka his mother, mother-Bara, partner Abeba and young Wendy. If all goes well, it could become sea lion family will soon grow a new child. According to the breeders would Ababa could give birth to cub ranging from mid-May to mid-June.

Exercise Christie in Prague now takes place every weekend and public holidays always at 13:30 in the exposure of sea lions.

Source: tz Prague Zoo
Photo: M. Bobek P. Hamerník, Prague Zoo

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