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Basement Theatre secrets or Manual to save the world

Basement Theatre secrets or Manual to save the world Do you like Basement? And would you like to see? And in the movie? Then you too can encourage the emergence of a new document

Basement Theatre secrets or Manual to save the world - and will appoint a full-length documentary that introduces a new way the phenomenon one of the most original theater. Theatre Basement his humor and versatile creativity varied significantly affects the Czech cultural scene for decades and has nurtured generations of viewers.

The film features founding fathers and other celebrities: David Vavra, Milan Šteindler, Tomas Hanak, Jiří Fero Burda, Robert Nebřenský, Ondrej Trojan, Václav Marhoul, David Noll, Francis Vasa, John and Marta Hanáková Marinová. Basement Theatre in the spring of next year will celebrate 45 years on stage. A celebration of his birthday will premiere the film director Olga Dabrowska, which is issued only after the individual protagonists of the theater, but it also explores the enigmatic mystery, which is emblazoned across the association.

Each is worth something fun and fun sklepácká worth it. Supporters Sklepák or its individual protagonists can actively participate in the creation of the document, and even save the world a couple of Drøbak and five-digit items. Their reward will not only warm feeling but will also receive unique prizes from a variety of benefits behind sklepáckých and film cameras and studio. Doors cellar and its secrets are open! Step out and you also support a new documentary film.

It is rumored that the phenomenal Cellar Theatre, humorous and thoughtful, wise and playful, mysterious and speaks a clear language, the authors of the film poodkryje some of their secrets and offers some solutions to the pressing problems of mankind.

The idea of a document on the phenomenon Basement Theatre was born in the head producer Iva Krátkého the end of 2011. Not long thinking, the opportunity to record an unusual document seized screenwriter and director Olga Dabrowska. The second of producers Peter Koza, was not afraid and contacted by a meter higher David Vavra: "The US, the creator troufalce, took this idea very friendly and one winter evening before the performance at the legendary Pavilions have found us a moment. A decision was made ​​... "

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