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After counterfeits is still on the market demand, changing only the method of sale

Czech industrial companies must continue to confront counterfeiting of their products on the market. The driving force behind the offer is a persistent demand from consumers, changing only the method of sale. Pressure control authorities, including customs officers namely the sale of counterfeit goods on the markets more difficult, but the offer is shifting to the Internet to e-shops and social networks.

The anonymity of the virtual environment gives retailers greater opportunities to evade inspection.

The counterfeits of its goods to meet a large engineering companies like Zetor tractors or ZKL.

According to the Customs Administration spokesman Jiri Bartak every year brings new types of goods infringing intellectual property rights. While the hit of 2012 were counterfeit electronic cigarettes and aromatic essences, last year's imports were cases of child sets of rubber bands on braiding bracelets. "It always depends on what is fashionable and easy to sell. Something may be short-lived fad, something to hold in the long term. After the big boom of counterfeit videotapes and audiotapes to technical progress of these fakes shifted to CD and DVD, but even they are wasting, "described the situation in the field of music and movies on the Czech market Jiri Bartak.

Long-term issues are counterfeit textiles, footwear, fashion accessories, handbags. In recent years, they are also frequent fakes industrial products. For example, counterfeit spare parts for cars have already been recorded in 2010 and since then has steadily customs statistics appear. In 2012, Customs officers intercepted Ball and Roller Bearings for the first time last year, over 10 000 items of spare parts for tractors suspected of violating trademark Zetor. Counterfeiters usually not deterred even possible million-dollar fine for a misdemeanor or ten million fine for an administrative offense, which may impose customs.

According to CEO George ZKL Munchausen is a firm with counterfeits bearing meets regularly. "The big complaint about an illegal copy of our bearings seeing, especially in Asia, particularly in countries like India or Nepal. However, in 2013, customs intercepted a container bound fakes from China to Slovakia. It is mostly fakes range, which is not too difficult to manufacture. Generally, the larger the bearing and sophisticated production, the smaller the falsification of bearings, "explained George Munchausen.

According to him, there are copies bearing very successful, and at first glance it is difficult to distinguish a fake from the original. The differences, however, are in technical and quality parameters. Counterfeit goods are often made ​​from cheap and inappropriate materials, which logically affect their durability. Durability counterfeit is less than half the original. The problem is that the customer can check the confusion to a disaster bearings. Complaints in such cases is impossible. "Combating Counterfeit is long and not always effective. Legal proceedings is possible, but it is time consuming. Therefore we try to misunderstandings with fakes for our customers to prevent that it is strongly advised to purchase only the bearings via our network of authorized distributors, where they are sure of purchase of the original deposits, "said Munchausen.

Drive motor supply is counterfeit consumer demand. Also, because the market situation is virtually unchanged. The other is the only way of selling. According Mojmíra Bezecného, ​​general director of the Czech Trade Inspection (CTI) focused pressure and supervision by customs officers, CTI and other inspection bodies became more difficult and restricted the sale of counterfeit marketplaces. A new entrepreneurial activities migrate to the Internet - into e-shops and social networks where anonymity virtual environment provides greater opportunities to avoid scrutiny and deceive consumers offering a "originals at competitive prices", which, however, they are far away. "It should keep consumers in case they want over the Internet to buy branded products, check the seller to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of an fakes, "said Bezecný. ​​The same time, like Munchausen admits that enforcement of consumer rights and entitlements may be if they receive the original site forgery, significantly problematic.

Source: tz Lesenský.cz

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