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The most frequent errors regarding unpaid rent

People often think that if they are not paying the rent, just waiting for the termination of tenancy. But this is a mistake. From the tenant in this case becomes a borrower, with all the consequences. Termination of the lease does not mean that this debt on rent erased.

Regarding the non-payment of rent exists between people are still many mistakes, both on the part of landlords and tenants. "Landlords, for example, often write to the provisions of the lease agreements of the contractual penalty for late payment of rent - but the law prohibits. Tenants again unaware that does not pay the rent, the landlord may claim interest on late payment or compensation, and the whole thing could end in court. There is some confusion too about the immediate termination of lease agreements, "says Luke Green, head of the legal department Dtest.

What adverse effects may be paying the rent?

The landlord has the right to charge interest on late payments. The rate of interest is calculated as the sum of the repo rate set by the Czech National Bank and eight percentage points, currently amounts to 8.05% of the outstanding amount. This interest is calculated annually, but jumps every day that passes, of which you are late with a payment.
Late fee you are liable if they fail to pay services relating to the dwelling (such as water supply, heating, elevator operation, common area lighting in the house), or within five days after their due date. The fee amounts to one per mille of the outstanding amount for each day of delay, but at least 10 crowns for every month of delay or part thereof.
If you give the landlord the rent late damage may claim her compensation in the amount of uncovered interest on arrears. Landlords can not forget the favorite fine in the lease agreement. The law prohibits it.
You pay the rent and utilities for at least three months, the landlord has the right to terminate the lease immediately, without the usual notice period. This is not a period but the determination of the amount due, which must be exceeded. For filing an immediate denunciation is not enough if you have three months paid rent only partially and not in full, since the amount owed ​​is less than the amount of three monthly rents.
If you owe the landlord for rent or services, it is necessary also to think that it has the right to withhold movables that the apartment you have.

How to avoid delay in the event of a dispute concerning the amount of rent? Save amount, at least in the disputed amount into notarial custody and notify the landlord.

Even in the event of termination of the lease must pay a previously established debt. Avoiding this duty can mean unpleasant complications. "The landlord can deal with the situation by bringing an action to court and subsequently recover the amount due in execution proceedings, which will bring additional costs that will have to pay," says Luke Green.

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