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I was less than classmates. Help me!

Children with the fact that they are of lower height, offset differently. Some see this as a problem, others are constantly worried. How to approach the problem and what help the child, to tell the following lines.

The fault can be many. The small height of the parents, growth hormone deficiency, the body's inability to properly respond to him or even disease which leads to poor nutrition of bones and muscles, and thus to a lower height. Either way, the result is always the same: while friends and schoolmates to grow and thicken affected individual is lagging behind and will soon have to look up to them could talk eye to eye. All of them are also obvious handicap aware - peers around and suffering child.

Nezlehčovat situation, but even worsen

Psychological problems that are at such a child may develop, often persist throughout life. Studies show that even growth hormone therapy or later "catch-up" peers no longer have to eliminate these problems. Feelings of inferiority, low self-esteem, impaired ability to socialize and integrate into a team - all of which can affect children of small stature, but it may not. Among the risk factors that aggravate accepting the fact that an individual is smaller than others, they include:
male gender - boys suffer lower growth worse than girls,
conscious or unconscious conduct with a child as younger than they actually are,
bullying, but even seemingly harmless jokes and a tightening of the height of the victim,
younger siblings who are taller than the individual,
lower intelligence,
poor family background,
worse economic condition of the family,
innate nature of the child,
physical limitations resulting from lower growth - eg. in the sport.

Attitude of parents is essential

So how can a child with slowed growth help to avoid the psychological consequences or discard? It turns out that you need more than just focus solely on height and its standardization. If a child suffers from diseases associated with growth hormone deficiency, of course, it is in place, its artificial supply. However it is necessary to try to eliminate as far as possible risk factors.
The child should be brought up in a stable and loving environment where it will be supported by a healthy self-esteem.
His height would have none of the family, even in good faith, he did not make fun of her or not significantly nepoukazovat.
The child must not restrict his interests, but do not force him into activities, which would cause the increase represented a lower handicap.
It is appropriate to try to prevent any misunderstanding, alleging that the child be evaluated as younger than they actually are. But it is also important not to create a protective bubble and take a child as an equal partner of his peers.

I'm different, so what?

All these factors are so individual and hardly traceable, that so far there are very few studies that deal with this subject. One thing is certain: diversity between people and the natural beauty ideal has reached almost anyone, plus it is an artificial and changeable thing. Key to the correct receiving itself thus does not lie in centimeters achievements, but in the head.

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