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Mother of 20, 30 or 40 years? Feel the fundamental differences

Czech mother's age, says Czech Statistical Office. While in 1990 the average age of mothers at birth of first child around 25 years, more than two decades later, that figure had increased to 29.8 years.

In Prague, the average age of first mothers even surpasses all other regions - first pregnancy the woman is experiencing at the age of nearly 31.5 years.
It is this rising tendency but correct? Which is the age for conceiving their first child in relation to the health of mothers and babies ideal? And what's the difference pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood, when the expectant mother in her 20, 30 or 40 years?

Travel, career, relationship building and housing, entertainment, independence. This is often the arguments of today's young girls and women to question what their current life waiting. Baby to the list of frequently appear until later on rails and has been associated with more distant future that does not yet have specific outlines. Age 30 or even 40 years for a first pregnancy and no longer represents nothing abnormal. But as at this age, our body reacts as the woman suffers pregnancy, childbirth and subsequent motherhood compared to younger mothers?

Mother in 20 years

In young adulthood, the body of a woman physically best prepared for motherhood. According to gynecologists, obstetricians and specialists in reproductive medicine is a perfect biological age of new mothers 25 years. A woman is in fact full of strength and energy that pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood issues require. "There's also less risk that the baby was born okay. If both parents are carriers of the disease, there is no need to fear a genetic or developmental defects in children. Also, pregnancy often in women at a young age calm and do not threaten him complications like high blood pressure or diabetes. The birth itself, then it is often natural and it is usually standard, "says a leading Czech gynecologist and sexologist MD. Pavel Turčan. After birth, the young mothers also quickly recover because their body is still flexible and able to cope with the sudden status. When child care also feel less fatigue, exhaustion, and are more resistant to stress. Problematic, however, can be a mental plane. Women in this age often study or are just beginning their careers, costing a difficult decision - whether to prioritize child or try to do it all at once.

Mother in 30 years

Unlike the generation of our mothers who were accustomed to give birth between 24 and 25 years of age, it is now quite common to have a first child at the age of Troika at the beginning. However, the postponement of parenthood brings with it risks. Fertility is in her thirties and reduces the chances of getting pregnant is less. While the probability of pregnancy for women at 20 years is 25%, exceeding the thirties, it is only 16%, even after 35 years, only 12%. In this age threatens an increased risk of spontaneous abortion.

Reproductive clinics and waiting rooms are often occupied precisely the age group of 30+. "Czech couples who use artificial insemination, it is much more than they would be if all previously addressed in a timely manner. People are sadly often the idea that if they see fit to finally have a baby, and for nine months to come. Often he does not think that they can take a year of conception, two or maybe three, "confirms Peter Galle from the company that supplies the market with natural product type Sarapis mensis or Fertilan that help couples in conceiving.

Thirty Years primipara must also reckon with the fact that babies are at increased risk of abnormalities, and that there is the possibility of multiple pregnancy. Childbirth is also often carried out by Caesarean section because the wife of thirty years, he has so much energy to bring a child into the world naturally as a younger woman. At the same time as avoiding complications which could arise when a standard delivery. Postpartum recovery takes place physically and more mothers are taking care of the baby more often tired. On the other hand, can yourself and your baby often provide a stable base on which building had enough time.

Mother in 40 years

Reasons why a woman becomes pregnant the first time only in the elderly, may be more. For this fact can happen, for example, a decision that a woman on the role of expectant mothers still feel, are rampant in this age, however, and complications in conceiving. However, expectant mothers, who celebrated his 40th birthday, is not uncommon. Although it is claimed that pregnancy along with advancing age brings greater risks, it is always necessary to take into account the physical and mental state of the woman.

However, mature body can not be compared with the organism twenties girls. For older primagravidae occurring more frequently spontaneous abortion - up to 34% of pregnant women must often fight with gestational diabetes or high blood pressure, are also often Caesarian section. If it gets the baby out naturally, takes a kind of birth usually longer. Also, the baby may be born prematurely or with low birth weight.

Although many older mothers birth to a completely healthy baby, you need to think about the increased risk of birth defects and multiple pregnancy. Directly proportional to the higher age of first birth is also a time before her body after giving birth again regenerate. Forties fact already do not have enough strength and energy to motherhood. The advantage over younger mothers but their maturity, self-confidence, insight and greater mental clarity. Motherhood is usually so calmly, serenely and without much stress.

Source: tz Lesenský.cz
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