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Heydrich returns to Prague

Already on June 4 will take place the premiere presentation of Heydrich, a conscience and a man who completely abused his great abilities. The production will premiere on the anniversary of the death of chief executioner of the Third Reich and held in Holešovice Studio ALTA.

For Heydrich Mime Club is a group, a team of graduates of the Prague Academy, headed by Alexei bullock. "It's about each of us. All we manipulate, corruptible, and when we condemn criminal past, often unaware of why they did what they did. For a hundred years we may condemn the people that we have today as a model. History is relative, not conscience, "says the bull as the author of production.

Controversial Topic artists chose to handle almost speechless.
Mime Club is promoting the concept of physical theater and Heydrich connect physical solo dance performance with live violin accompaniment. Former protector excellently handled this tool, which is in production assume the violinist Thomas Brummel: "It is difficult to understand how a man who was obviously talented and had a relationship to music, was nevertheless able to do such atrocities."

And why he so unflattering group chose the topic? Already with previous performances as Agnes on the life of Mother Teresa or Emilie on identity and inner disbalance young man addressed in an unconventional bringing vital social issues. Heydrich is continuing bequeathed course: "We can just as easily become victims as culprits. We want people to have not declined in convenience and more to address, what is happening around them, "says bullock.
If you're interested, you can come to inspire an unconventional look at the history of the theater already the fourth June Studio ALTA.

The performance was supported by Hl. m. Prague, Czech Ministry of Culture, Foundation of life as an artist and Studio ALTA.

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