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Musical event this autumn! Spiritual Quintet with Peck, legs and Hradišťan.

Lantern come alive in October's triple the 55th birthday anniversary of the Spiritual Quintet with guest stars Dagmar Pecková, Jaromir Nohavica, Hradistan and brothers Nedvědovými ..

Music group Spiritual Quintet belongs to Czech music scene for acclaimed icons. In honor of the 55th birthday of this exceptional group in the date of 15, 16 and 17 October 2015 held in Prague's Lucerna's triple unique. Enjoy exclusive guest appearances stellar names at the head of the opera singer Dagmar Pecková. There will sing and songwriter Jaromir Nohavica or Hradišťan with Jiri Pavlica. Brothers also wish come Nedvědová and other former members of the Spiritual Quintet. Unforgettable concert you just can not miss. At the request of fans were already released presale tickets.

Spiritual Quintet, founded in 1960, is the oldest unequivocally Czechoslovak folk group. Most likely, it is also the oldest continuously functioning and active Czech music group ever. For fifty-five years of activity he released 30 albums that have sold over a half million, and has performed in most European countries, but also overseas (USA, Chile, Canada, Australia, Africa and other).

The Group, which as the focus of its work has always considered live concerts (around 8000), expanded the boundaries of folk traditionally defined by a number of distinctive inspirations - known and unknown music of the Renaissance, the Czech and Moravian folk songs, nearly-forgotten musical heritage and distinctive Czech National Revival own creation. Traditional international repertoire never mindlessly copying them, but he had placed in his distinctive interpretative approach and content. Not surprisingly, the songs Spiritual quintet sounded in Bohemia in times of calm and turbulent ...

Special Concerts will celebrate a full year pětapadesátku spirituals.
The band itself and its exclusive guests are guaranteed a unique musical experience. Distinguished guests enjoy in separate blocks in completely unique examples of their work with Spiritual Quintet. Former members recall the songs that you like best Spiritual quintet performs pieces from both current and historical repertoire. Active participation of the audience is traditionally held in the Jubilee concert Spirituals course ....

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