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CNG vehicles are already available in most classrooms, sells Skoda, Fiat and Volkswagen

The popularity of cars on compressed natural gas (CNG) in the Czech Republic is constantly growing. The reason is the lower price of CNG compared to standard fuels, which ensures a relatively short period of return on the initial investment, but also an annual increase in the number of filling stations.

At the end of the year with us we will ride roughly 11,000 CNG vehicles, and there will be around 100 filling machines. But what with the availability of cars? Which automakers have cars with CNG drive sold and in what classes?

At present, CNG vehicles are particularly popular in the corporate sector. "The highest sales of CNG cars have registered for entrepreneurs," says Edita Dujsíková (ZLINER Ltd.). According to experts, it can be assumed gradual increase in the interest also for individuals, which in addition to expanding the number of filling stations also supported by other factors. "The key is not only education, but also the availability. There CNG makes great strides, absolutely essential as support for Czech carmaker Skoda, "explains George Lachout, an expert on CNG from E.ON Energie.

CNG supports Skoda, Fiat and Volkswagen

Cars on compressed natural gas can be found today in the Czech Republic for a number of brands - cars driven by CNG sold alongside the already mentioned carmaker Skoda is also Fiat, Volkswagen, Opel and Mercedes. "Quality CNG vehicles now while you can find in each of the main classes," says Edita Dujsíková . According to the data server expert today on the Czech market sells about 40 different models running on compressed natural gas, the menu but some classes are missing. "As an extreme absence of include among convertibles or sports and off-road vehicles. Anyway, in classrooms with the greatest marketability of models is enough, "says Zdeněk Prokopec.

For example, in the small city car dealers are offered CNG versions of most selling models such as the Skoda Citigo G-TEC, Fiat Panda, Fiat Punto and Volkswagen Up !. For ŠKODA Citigo G-TEC is the price of CNG version over the comparable gasoline engine by roughly CZK 60 000 higher, according to the manufacturer, however, the car uses up to 60% less fuel.

The largest selection of vehicles? Lower middle class

If you decide to invest in a car driven by compressed natural gas, CNG, you will find the widest range of vehicles in the category of lower middle class. Czech market reigns Skoda Octavia G-TEC, which has Mlada Boleslav automaker sold more than 1,800 units. You will find as well as representatives of other brands: CNG vehicles sold, for example, Mercedes-Benz (model B - Class), Seat (Leon model) or Volkswagen (Golf model).

Unlike urban cars in this category erase price differences CNG models in comparison to other engines. For example, for the Skoda Octavia G-TEC customer pays only about 30 000 CZK more than in the case of petrol drive. At Volkswagen Golf VII is still a difference of about 10,000 higher. It is interesting that the two versions of CNG vehicles cost virtually the same as diesel. "The clear star pupil in the lower middle class is the Skoda Octavia G-TEC, which is the largest of interest and according to our statistics. The reason for the quick return higher price - the car can drive well below CZK 1 per kilometer, investment in CNG can be higher in case of a raid kilometers and return to one year, "explains George Lachout.

CNG also drives luxury cars

For customers who prefer family (MPV) cars currently on the market to choose from, for example, Fiat Doblo Panorama, Opel Zafira Tourer, Volkswagen Touran and the Fiat 500L mini MPV. "Fiat Doblo Panorama is our best-selling car on CNG," says Edita Dujsíková. The real differences in the purchase price of CNG version and other motorisation in this class slightly higher. For example, the Opel Zafira Tourer is 80 000 CZK more expensive, so do also the Volkswagen Touran. In comparison with diesel engines, the difference was only 20 000 CZK. "The return on investment in cars in this class is actually two to three years," says George Lachout.

Compressed natural gas is slowly finds its way also into the category of luxury cars. In the upper middle class is available on the market, for example, model Mercedes-Benz E - Class. Although the purchase price of the car considerably higher than the previously mentioned classes for CNG model you pay only about 26 000 CZK more than the bet on the diesel engine. Return on investment during the annual raid 30,000 km as a result, may be reduced to just one year.

Source: tz Lesenský.cz

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