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Kašpárkohraní this year for the first time sounded Tomáš Klus

Kašpárkohraní this year for the first time sounded Tomáš Klus Kašpárkohraní largest family festival dedicated to children and their parents will welcome all their fans on Sunday 14 June at Prague's Letna Park, admission is free

The seventh edition of the biggest family festival in the Czech Republic Kašpárkohraní resound in Prague Letna Park on Sunday 14 June 12 to 19 hours. The main star of this festival is the singer and actor Tomáš Klus, who will perform at this event for the first time.

Greatest hits from kindergartens as Polámal the ant or the dog jumped over oats visitors to sing with Mardie of Vypsana Felt, who Kašpárkohraní present his musical project mixlá in Piksla. Children's Opera Prague again immerses visitors into the fabulous world of their minioperkami Little Red Riding Hood or Budulínkovi designed by Jaroslav Uhlir and Zdeněk Svěrák. Admission to Kašpárkohraní, which will be moderated by actors Vaculíková Sarka and Jan Cina is free.

Each year offers Kašpárkohraní children and parents parade professional theater companies. The seventh edition of the festival is no exception and offers interactive parades of giant "hybnostrojů" tasting of street theater, slapstick comedy and juggling workshops conducted by VOSA Theatre or Squadra sua.

Younger visitors will be able for example to engage in eco-interactive installation of recyclable materials, organized by the Gallery for GUD.

Sports lovers can take a ride back to rugby, golf, floorball, baseball, softball, horseback riding or even football under the leadership of AC Sparta Praha and other clubs. Kašpárkohraní each year focuses on the integration of children with disabilities, which sponsors the association of visually impaired athletes TJ Zora and associations of disabled athletes Sportability. Those on Kašpárkohraní also feature an exhibition of photographs from the life of active disabled athletes. Educational overlap Kašpárkohraní represent Corps volunteer firefighters, Czech Red Cross and the program prepared by the Army and Police of the Czech Republic.

There, visitors will Kašpárkohraní holiday traveling exhibition for the puppet film Little Man, which enables children to peek into the world of the film the main character of the film. Putting in place the exhibition will be attended by Saša Rašilov that Little Lord in the film lent his voice.

There will also be workshops. Children will be able to try your hand playing the African drums or in the open air landscape painting and other creative activities. "Smart head" will be ready parlor games such as chess, logic games and puzzles. Just like last year, the association supports Kašpárkohraní

Nedoklubko, which brings together parents of premature babies. "Kašpárkohraní aims to develop children's natural curiosity and creativity. It wants to develop children's creative potential that resides in every child's soul, "says festival organizer Viktor Soucek." Therefore Kašpárkohraní in 2009 started a trend in organizing children's events throughout the Czech Republic and became an inspiration and role model to them, "said Soucek.

The festival will take place in any weather.

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