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Vorlův Gympl is the first Czech film to see free and legal on the Internet

Director and producer Tomáš Vorel walked to the revolutionary step, when his most popular film Gympl first Czech feature film ended a few days ago a completely free and in the highest HD quality on the Internet, on public channel YouTube. It is a response to the illegal placement of high school to store and channels that offer stolen film in unacceptable technical quality.

Cult Gympl seen in theaters over 500,000 spectators and it was declared even the most legally downloaded Czech film of 2007. Although the premiere passed eight years, so this story about students, teachers, parents and graffiti starring Tomáš Vorel jr. Jiří Mádl was seen on the Internet, tens of thousands of new audiences and new ones are added.

The film can be seen here

"Gympl I chose because it is both legally and illegally downloaded most Czech film on the Internet. It's not just a pirate store, this created dozens of portals, which seem legally, but offer Czech films stolen, unlicensed and in poor quality, "says Tomáš Vorel. YouTube Channel said he chose because it sees only reputable multinational portal, which honors the Copyright Act and allows creators and producers that their films were stolen immediately identified and removed. "If in this respect everyone behaved like YouTube, we do not need Anti-piracy Union, lawyers, fines and closure of pirates, which is endless and often futile struggle, "said Vorel.

The gradual legal publishing movies in the highest quality on the Internet sees financial sense: "If Gympl legally for free on the Internet continues to operate successfully in this way, that way I access all my movies. Legal placement movies on the Internet in a technically perfect quality, even at 4K, and the associated advertising revenues seen as the emergence of a major distribution channel of feature films, "concludes Vorel.

Currently preparing Vorel his eleventh feature film with the working title of Istalatér Tuchlovice, brittle comedy about a man who corrects all things, but his life could not fix it, begins shooting later this year. The main male role entrusted to James Kohaku, the female lead is played by Eva Holubová. For Kohak it will be the first major role in a feature film, a film premiere is scheduled for 2016.

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