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For the week starts Rock for People

For the week starts Rock for People Week left until the gates open Festivalpark in Hradec Kralove and will start 21st edition of Rock for People. That will take place this year June 4 to 6.

Rock for People promises three days of music of various genres of guitar bands to rock in all its forms, to dubstep and drum'n'bass. Headliners like Faith No More, Bastille, Limp Bizkit frontman Julian Casablancas of The Strokes and Three Days Grace is a guarantee that you will listen. On his coming to fans of harder music genres. Hradec headed for example Asking Alexandria with a new singer, Hollywood Undead, We Are Harlot or Deathstars. Dance party stir up both domestic and foreign DJ's headed by Flux Pavilion and DC Breaks. Rich accompanying program will ensure that even away from the music of Stage nobody will be bored.

In addition to three full days of music at this year's visitors will also tweaked Festivalpark. Complex underwent several major changes, not only visually, but also as main stage deployment concerns. A novelty is the Morning & Night Park at the main entrance, which offers all-night entertainment for visitors and will work every day until 6 pm till morning.

Rock for People in Hradec Králové for the first time this year will take place between 4th and 6th June and three days offering 100 domestic and foreign artists and wealthy non-musical program.

One of the biggest changes in Festivalpark covering the main stages. Has changed the location of Rock for People stage and form the second main stage Staropramen, which this year will be hidden in a giant marquee. Key program will take place at the Rock for People on the runway stage, outdoor stage Staropramen, as well as indoor ZOOT stage and a large tent for 1,500 people Muzikus / Evropa 2 stage. This program will be to other smaller venues such as Urban Wave Zone, Red Bull Tour Bus (program centered on the 4th of June), Staropramen DJs point / ShowTime party, Symbio + Pedal stage, Lenovo Silent Party and others. The zone will sit Petrof pianos legendary Hradec Kralove company not only professionals, but the game on these unique pianos will be during the festival even try.

A brand new Morning & Night Park visitors will be able to even go skiing. There will operate a unique festival - featuring a professional scheduling Après-ski bar is a ski rental and ski slope! At the opposite end Festivalpark Skate ramp Those interested can find a shop, nearby beach pool and other sporting activities.

Have undergone significant change and food stalls, will be concentrated in the newly gastrozónách, amid which will always find a comfortable sitting or reclining, always with a pearl (for example, DJs, piano, etc.). Nor remain behind bars. Besides creative partner Barka accompanying program (such as Jack Daniels Truck, Red Bull bars, etc.) facility will offer a minimum of three stylish "taproom", each of a different design and with different fillings. Barn, Fabrika and Chicago - what a name it predetermining muzak! A nightly theme parties.

One area that the organizers each year focuses its attention is accommodation. Visitors will be in addition to regular camp ready and premium VIP Camp and Camp Plus, which includes both the shower with plenty of hot water and ceramic toilets. For those who do not want to lug your own tent and sleeping bags will be available for Festival Tent Hotel with fifty fully-equipped tents. And who wants to pull even with nothing buy clothes, food and drugstore goods within the grounds.

An integral part of the festival is nowadays well as fashion and so it is on Rock for People. Stand with the festival merchandising is traditionally the most popular destination for visitors to the festival and boots with graphics Rock for People in recent years have become almost legendary. However, this year the classic stalls clothing and fashion shows complement ZOOT that ladies and gentlemen, of course, offer an interesting inspiration for many a perfect summer outfit. For those who want to go further, there will be the opportunity to purchase a stylish henna tattoo or visit some of the beauty of presentations.

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