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Nine healing points on the ear

Nine healing points on the ear Massage ear pain and stress to get rid quickly and easily. On acupressure ear is the best that can quickly help always and everywhere. It's very easy, try it needs to be now!

Gentle pressure hands and fingertips releases blockages and works reliably against many health problems. It's that simple! Gently massage the ears, and soon you feel as tension and pain subside. Again, you feel good, the body is returning vitality. Why acupressure ear so effective? When massaging the reflex points on the ear impulse travels from the skin to the corresponding parts of the body, which releases the blockages that are the cause of our problems. Excellent for this therapy is that it can quickly help always and everywhere. Try it out!

Massage touches

Pull your outer ear
Start at the top of the ear. At the end of the top of the ear to catch the forefinger and thumb so that you keep your thumb behind the ear. Light pressure swipe of the inside of the ear outward. So gradually massage over the entire ear. Earlobe pull a really long time. Repeat three times.
Massage and ear
Finally a finger-pointing rub behind the ear hole. Start at the top and continue with gentle pressure down to the end of the ear. Repeat this three times. Then relax with a release exercise, do it during the 10 to 15 breaths.
1st helps against cold feet, soothes painful joints.
Massage this point promotes better blood flow to the muscles, it is good for the feet.
Second Relieves feeling inflation, flatulence, aids digestion.
This area is ideal for those who have constant problems with his stomach. In addition calms during mental stress and internal unrest.
3rd reduces stress and improves sleep.
Cardiac area relaxes when you are with nerves in the extremities. After the massage this point, you'll definitely quieter.
4th harmonizes soul frees head.
Massage can help you find your balance again. You will feel more balanced.
5. Release the tension in your neck, banish back pain
Helps to relieve muscle tension, which have, for example, from a bad session.
6th Heat cold hands, alleviates joint pain

It promotes blood flow to the muscles and helps treat stiff joints.
7th Helps with frequent urinary tract and bladder

Massage this point has purifying, drains, reduces kidney pain.
8th Gives new energy and strengthens the immune system

Stimulation of this point will strengthen cooperation Respiratory. You will once again breathe deeply.
9. On the back and strengthen institutions

It encourages flexibility back keeps intervertebral disc elastic.

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