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Beauty and risks of the Golden Triangle: Burma, Thailand, Laos

Border areas between Thailand, Burma and Laos already nonlinearity intoxicating smell of smoke opium. The former bastion of the drug mafia is now a paradise for tourists from around the world. Poppy fields gave way to the hotel complexes offering their services at ridiculously low prices. It is therefore not surprising that the Golden Triangle has become a mecca for modern travelers.

In the footsteps of the drug mafia

The Golden Triangle is the name for the border area of Thailand, Laos and Myanmar. The area national divides lazily flowing river Mekong. Tourists are still in the 90s could about visiting this area only dream. The reason was busy drug mafia. The Golden Triangle is famous for its worldwide production of opium. So travelers can thank the Thai government to drug trafficking vigorously suppressed and opened the area to tourists from around the world. Although the situation here is much calmer before possible route it is necessary to obtain current information. It seems that the drug trade in this area completely not go out and stir up the situation, sometimes fighting between rival clans.

Gateway to the Golden Triangle

Chiang Mai is the center of the northern part of Thailand. The city is a tourist likes to be referred to as the gateway to the Golden Triangle. Chiang Mai is a tourist town with all the trimmings. Here you will find a myriad of hotels, cafes, restaurants as well as the famous night markets. Most travelers use the city as a basic starting point for your wanderings surroundings. If you want to get deeper into the heart of the Golden Triangle, you can stay in Chiang Rai, which is located 200 kilometers to the north. From there it's just a few minutes by means of transport to the borders of individual states. Accommodation in both cities will cost several hundreds of crowns per person per night. The bill for the meal varies even tens of crowns. Great prices and the warmth of the local population are undoubtedly the biggest attraction for tourists from around the world.

There and Back Again

While wandering in the Golden Triangle, is definitely worth a visit Mae Sai, the northernmost town in Thailand. Vystoupáním get to the Skorpion mount spectacular views into neighboring Burma. After crossing the bridge over the river Nam Sai will put the Burmese town of Tachileik, without officially crossed the border into Thailand. Traveling to Burma otherwise complicated visa. When you are driving on the Mekong River while you may visit Laos, where customs officers tolerate visit to the country for a small fee.

Extinct opium pipe

From the city of Chiang Mai to visit the village Soap Ruk, which lies at the confluence of the Mekong and Soap. Village was formerly an imaginary peak of the golden triangle. Today, however, slowly cease to mystery and becomes a bustling tourist center. The Soap Ruk is also open opium museum, where one learns about the history of this area. If you are weary of the hunt for opium, you can admire the local landscape during a ride on the back of an elephant. In the area there are several specialized farms that have this type of adrenalin experience offers. Hiking lovers will be pleased to wandering around the local hills. Mountain hikes, however, are usually a few days and certainly not a relaxing affair. Finally, you can be amaze women from the Padaung tribe, which is known worldwide for extreme length of their necks.

Each tourist will find in the golden triangle comes into its own. The frontier region is currently very safe and travels frequently visited destinations. Before any means but it is necessary to obtain current safety information. It seems that the opium pipe completely not go out, but still secretly smoulders.

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