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Does it hurt the sport after the whole person? Try yoga and add Béčko

Whether you train regularly or only occasionally Sports fans, we must not forget the proper regeneration and adequate rest. This avoids the aching muscles and joints, fatigue, but also problems with the immune system. Most often neglected element is stretching, fluid replacement or proper nutrition. So let's focus on the most important tips on how to deal simply with regeneration.

Yoga or Pilates against muscle pain

After all physical activity is the most important stretch the muscles. Proper stretching loosen muscle tension, and stimulate metabolism so. In addition, and we accelerate recovery. Exercises to stretch and there are a lot depends on each of us, what style he chooses. Apart from the traditional experts also recommend a stretching exercise yoga or Pilates, for which man relaxes also mentally. Each stretching technique is not important. We should feel only the muscles move, not pain. In the event that stretching after a sport not shifted, but the pain and risking possible injury.

Athletes should ensure enough vitamins and minerals

Equally important component replenish fluids and other important substances for the body. At each physical activity of the body naturally loses a large amount of water along with important minerals. During the performance, but also after it is therefore necessary to add these missing substances. With sports performance, the body comes not only by fluids, but also draws more power. So it depends on what you indulge before sport and how the body missing nutrients subsequently specify. "Active people who like sports, they should keep an eye on an ample supply of B vitamins, vitamin C and unsaturated fatty acids. The minerals, it is then most often iron, magnesium and calcium. The recommended dose of these substances is always dependent on the level of activity and stress, "says PharmDr. Klára Minczinger the company Generica.

Do not underestimate relaxation gives the body new powers

Among the most popular part of the regeneration is relaxation. Consistent ability to relax and renew the organs and the whole organism and draw new strength. Yet many individuals are denied rest and does not give him sufficient weight. But this is a mistake. The simplest element is a shower or a longer stay in the tub with warm water. Shower may be in this case a better choice because they are not preparing for another fluid through perspiration. Excellent method of relaxation is also swimming at a slower pace at which loosen the muscles, and subsequent warming in the jacuzzi. Other methods include uniquely sauna and massages. Sauna, while rapidly reduces fatigue, but may not suit everyone. In addition, the body loses fluid again and must be supplemented. For massages, there are many species from which they can choose according to our preferences. These include a sport, refreshing Japanese Shiatsu massage or physiotherapy.

Source: tz Lesenský.cz

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