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Buying an apartment, or what the broker will never tell you!

Buying an apartment likened a successful American investor Robert Kiyosaki to marriage. You never know in advance exactly what to expect. It may be a dream come true, just as an annoying and costly commitment from which the difficult opt ​​out. Maybe even you under the influence of low mortgage rates lured leave and now choose your new apartment. Do you know what to watch out for?

Ask, ask, ask! Lenin would probably be surprised if this paraphrase heard, but it is a huge piece of the truth. And not only that!

Interrogations will save tens of thousands

Forget the fact that you want the broker advice when choosing a property. Its aim is mostly one thing - quickly sell the apartment. Nothing more, nothing less. Remember, therefore, that "the fact-finding initiative" in buying an apartment must be on your side. And what you should never forget to ask?

1. How high are payments to fund repairs?

"This is perhaps the first question to you in connection with the purchase of a flat attack,"
says Kateřina Procházková, spokesperson portal dedicated to housing problems and adds that it is definitely one of the important parameters that we have before buying property to know that we are not surprised later.

2. apartment house insulated?

This fact does not easily find it by looking at the property, but many people in a given moment need not be bothered to perceive. He sees the new plaster, a house they like and positive impression of the interior, trumps everything else. It is when buying a flat good to think about the amount of advances for warmth. It is a significant item in our monthly payments.

3rd Hello, neighbor!

It reminds you of that winged joke? Partly you are right. Neighborly relations as well as disputes are one of the most important factors that will decide whether you are in the house and apartment will live well. So do not look only at the layout of the apartment, the view from the windows and new kitchen, but try to listen as the sounds emanating from neighboring apartments. Definitely worth a check in advance whether the neighbors below you must not smoke, especially if you are asthmatic or smell of cigarettes bothers you. If the neighbors do not organize regular noisy party when you need to suspend in the room next baby, and if someone from home only perversely sick of the fact that the corridors scatters trash. Ask around if someone does not live in the neighborhood with whom it is - to say the least - heavy arrangement and who may be able to make life difficult for a number of unnecessary summons to the authorities or by other conflicts.

Works in the fourth government house? Really?

No, definitely not too early to determine who is responsible for maintenance of the house. If you do not grope a dark corridor of the month, because nobody not trade bulb complain about the flowing roof, a crumbling balcony or flimsy windows that risk falling out, ask in time!

5. Read statutes!

True, it's not exactly gripping reading, but worth it forward acquainted with all the rights and obligations that will arise from the statutes. Buys an apartment will almost certainly become a member of the owners' association in the house. You do not want? It does not matter! If the law mandates that owners' association in your house it, you become it automatically. "Statutes such rules are actually living together in the house. You'll have to follow them, so it is advisable to know in advance, "says Procházková.

6. Major on a flat liabilities - arrears the previous owner?

"If you ask for arrears and the previous owner had any passes at you at the same time buying an apartment and you will have to pay you. Therefore ask the building manager to confirm that the previous owner to fund repairs owes nothing. If you do not, you may be unpleasantly surprised when the manager will ask you to cover the debts of the previous owner. Under the new Civil Code, it has the full right, "says Procházková.

7. The money goes in the first place!

Also ask what the investment community wants your owners soon realized. When it comes to repairing roofs, building insulation or upgrading the lift, think ahead if your family budget actually tightens higher payments to fund repairs along with a mortgage, several children and a wife on maternity leave. "Noticeable increase in regular payments to fund repairs is in such cases almost certain, "warns Procházková.

8th Strangers in the House

Definitely we do not mean that encourage some xenophobia and the like, rather it is important to figure out practical operation of cohabitation in the house. Are locations which have very popular with foreigners and apartments here are buying as an investment. You may not live in them or, probably is rented or not even that, and in this respect are the perfect neighbors. "Worse, if their vote does not necessarily need to be community owners proved valid manner, act of investing in a house, but they at meeting do not go and thus paralyze the entire run of the house. It may happen that you will flow through the roof right next to the apartment and several long months or years before you manage to solve everything, "points out the risks Procházková.

9. And what borrowers?

Borrowers can cause a number of inconveniences and financial problems in every community owners. And if similar cases are dealt with on an ongoing basis, it can easily happen that various arrears will additionally allocated among the other owners of flats, at least until it will hit the court or bailiff and the debtor to pay its obligations. Ask ahead of time because, as these cases are dealt in the house, let suddenly not standing in front of situations where you have to top up unintentionally foreign debts because of owners will have to pay the installment of the bank and will not be spoiled.

10th Desired location - really?

Finally, once thoroughly search window. Observe, however, not only a beautiful view, but consider commuting, amenities and your age. Kindergarten few steps from the apartment will not help, if you leave just to retire and you need to have more of a shopping center or physician. Think also possible to hire in the future, what if in the future move for a partner and want to rent your apartment? Will be interested in it? Apartments near the center and with good connections always have a little extra to their tenants waiting so long. This allows you to save again.

The apartment that's like a marriage ...

Finally no choice but to once again cite Robert Kiyosaki "buying real estate is like marriage. Before you do, often come together ... You are viewing the most different properties. When you find the property of your dreams, you organize a wedding in the bank. If you are the property begins to annoy and your marriage becomes a nightmare, a divorce can be a lengthy and annoying transactions. "

Source: tz - Legal

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