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To overcharge for energy is not entitled, it automatically returns only a fraction of suppliers

In these days of receiving thousands of homes from its supplier annual energy bills including calculation of actual overpayment or underpayment. While debts at a higher energy consumption, customers must pay within the prescribed period to maturity of the rapid payment of an overpayment can expect only a fraction of the suppliers.

This winter, like last year's significantly above-average temperatures, which also has a positive effect on the cost of energy in Czech households. According to interviewed experts, it is likely that many households will appear on your supplier's invoice overpayment. "If the customer had overpaid last year and the change amount of advance payments, it is likely that he will be again part of the contractor regular backups returning," explains Jana Poncarová Energetickáporadna from the server. cz, who advises end users in the field of energy.

In the event of a refund to the customer decide in accordance with domestic legislation contractors themselves. I can the way it is dealt with such finances, set up their own business conditions. "If the customer wants to receive back their overpayments should sign a contract that guarantees it," said Peter Woff, an analyst server.

Overpayments on account returns only a few suppliers

For example, energy companies can adjust contract terms so that overpayments automatically transferred to the next billing period. They not yet forced the pace with their customers in any way consulted. If the customer signed a contract that allows the transfer of overpayments could at least ask for a reduction in advances to avoid any overpayments.

Although it may be automatically returning overpayments interesting benefit in their terms and conditions it promises only a fraction of vendors. For example, the company CEZ stated that the overpayment can be used to advance payments in the following period. The dominant natural gas supplier RWE returns only overpayments that exceed the amount of CZK 200. The large energy companies overcharge customers automatically sends a E.ON. "Overpayment return automatically, the customer does not ask for anything," said the spokesman for E.ON Vladimir Vacha.

How is it with alternative suppliers?

As noted analyst Peter Woff, only a minority of suppliers of electricity and gas returns automatically all overpayments. 'Some vendors return the customer's money only if the bill exceeds a certain minimum amount. Sometimes they exceed the amount of CZK 100 or CZK 200, "he explains. Similar limits can be found for example in business environments largest alternative suppliers, such is Bohemia Energy Entity or Centropol Energy.

For smaller suppliers, who do not hesitate to return the overpayment automatically include Vemex Energy, or Europe Easy Energy. In the second case mentioned but it depends on the length of the billing period. "If the billing period longer than seven months, we pay overcharged customers automatically," said Michael John, director of retail customers Europe Easy Energy, Inc.

The money Apply

In the event that the supplier does not transfer the overpayment to the customer's account automatically, it is possible to apply for it. If the supplier sends money to the client but it depends on his will and provision of business conditions. "If the customer is not clear what are the conditions for recovery to its suppliers, is usually sufficient to turn on the customer service line, where the operator should answer the question," says Jana Poncarová.

Source: tz Lesenský.cz

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