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The old refrigerator harms the atmosphere as the year of riding in a car

Paper, plastic or glass. These are materials in which classification we belong to the best in Europe, but did you know that even a retired electrical appliances and other electronic equipment are designed to be recycled?

These devices must be the same as other classified materials separated from mixed waste and subject to stricter rules on collection and disposal. Mishandling can cause skin cancer, cataracts gray or contamination of soil and water. You did not know? Then you may be surprised Additional points of interest regarding e-waste.

The old refrigerator may harm the atmosphere as well as one year of riding in a car

Refrigerator occupies special place in every kitchen. Without it, we would have practically unable to function. Refrigerator does not belong among the appliances that we often changed for a newer model. Normal refrigerators in fact live to an average age of 14, and if good care of her, her life may well multiply. In the veins of refrigerators manufactured before 1996, however, in the form of insulation and refrigerant circulates hazardous freon. In case of damage or failure of appliances such aggressive gas escapes into the atmosphere. "Chlorofluorocarbons disturb not only the ozone layer that protects Earth as a shield against ultraviolet radiation, but the effect on global warming and smog formation, resulting organism will shake our range of health problems," she says David Vandrovec, Director of REMA, which deals with the taking back of electrical appliances and batteries. "Nearly 400 grams of Freon, which include old refrigerators, has the same effect as four tons of carbon dioxide. This can cause such damage as you would a car drove 20,000 kilometers, "adds Vandrovec.

Recycling of iron can greatly cut costs in the production of metals

About the purpose of recycling learn little children in school. Practically everything is today can sort and reuse them for other purposes. Did you know that when recycling is done properly, you can get almost all the raw materials from which such as a fridge or washing machine made? Commercially large refrigerators can also be used, for example, over 35 kg of iron, almost 15 kg of plastic, less than 5 kg metal such as aluminum or copper, but also isolation. Our retired machine gives us back nearly 23 kg of iron, almost 10 kg of plastic and more than 20kg of concrete. All materials can again be recycled over and over again. Because they do not lose their properties even after repeated treatment. This is good news for the environment. Almost one hundred percent because the cost saving in the production of metals such as magnesium, aluminum, tin, nickel or zinc.

Mobil can be used to the last screw

Our mobile phone that we use every day to make phone calls, SMS messages or surfing the Internet, is actually a small reservoir for the production of new products as well as energy. "It consists almost half plastics, 34% iron, 15% copper and the rest tin, zinc and precious metals. Unless it effectively recycle, we can further utilize almost 100% of the raw materials present, "says David Vandrovec. It is necessary, however, to retired phones reached a designated collection point and not into the dustbin. In fact, thanks to her mixed with other wastes can release hazardous and toxic substances such as arsenic, mercury or lead, which greatly burdens the nature that these materials can not cope. According to estimates, in 2010 in the Czech Republic produced 1.5 million mobile phones, which could be available for recycling. But realistically them for these purposes was used only 50 to 100 thousand units.

Most northerners sorts, at least the US and China

The fact that the Czech population is aware of the importance of recycling electronic equipment, demonstrated by the Czech Statistical Office. According to them, the last three to four years recycling has risen by a quarter in 2013 has been classified a total of 5.8 million tonnes of waste. Proportionately over two years also doubled the volume of WEEE processed. The reason is stricter domestic legislation based on European directives, but also greater social responsibility and information companies. In monetary terms, we can say that every Czech citizen sort out an average of 5 kg of used appliances. Nejuvědomělejším European nation in this area, while Norwegians and Swedes, who annually recycle around 15 kg per person and.

Conversely, the biggest amount of e-waste they produce people of the US to 7.1 million tons and the people of China with 6,000,000 tons. The world was in 2014, according to UN figures produced nearly 41.8 million tons of electrical waste, the recycling yet been handed over less than one sixth. With 2016 coming from new European Union, which obliges the Member States to residents recycle up to 65% by weight of EEE to a number of new products introduced in the previous year.

June 5 is World Environment Day

Did you know that proper waste sorting has had its day in the calendar? It falls on June 5 and is since 1972 listed as World Environment Day. On this day the people around the world had for a moment to the question of proper recycling. Although we celebrate it for more than forty years, it is interesting that a retired electrical equipment is sorted and recycled properly only in the last 10 years. "People can not only part of the World Environment Day project to use either lazy, through which you can get to take a free from Household old electrical appliances and batteries, thus actively contribute to environmental protection, "adds David Vandrovec from the company REMA.

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