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Billing by the operator read carefully from both sides

Mobile operators may vary the terms of contracts already concluded, whenever they occur. Whether you like it or not, the law allows them. Your consent to the amendment of the treaty do not need, but that does not mean that you have to really like it. The same law will in this situation guarantee free departure for the competition.

If you do not pay much attention to billing for services provided by your operator, it can easily happen that you flee the fine print, even on the back of that information, to terminate your subscription and transfers you to another, generally "favorable". Change so sign up with the first bill for the new tariff.

You may also find that the operator sees advantages differently. "Consumers report that is mainly to price changes in tariffs, the number of free minutes are added to limit the amount of data downloaded, the commitment to extend the period during which the termination of contracts associated with considerable sum for her early termination, "says Luke Green, head of the legal department Dtest.

Although the law applies the principle that a contract can not be changed without the agreement of all its participants, there are statutory exceptions. Operators can interfere with the contracts and change their conditions, as they please. Although the customer has the right in this case cancel the contract, but only if it is a fundamental change, which leads to a deterioration of his position. If a contract of indefinite duration, which may terminate without penalty, may disagree with changing conditions to show just statements. However, it is unavoidable in the context of the period of notice and paying for unwanted new tariff.

Unilateral modification of contracts by operators is becoming more frequent. To avoid startling bill already under the new rules, watch out for warnings accompanying billing services. Now the chosen form for customer billing determines how the forthcoming change the customer learns. "At least one month before introducing new rules and changing your contract, the operator must disclose this information on each branch and on the Internet. If it is a significant change for the worse, while you must inquire about the free termination of contracts if new conditions are not going to accept worse, "says Luke Green.

Meaning changes and its impact on customers assesses surprisingly operator. According to either the customer notifies the change, or also informs about the right to dissent, and leave. "If you only communicate to the operator that the conditions on the specified date changes and even that it will be more convenient for you, always check it by comparing current and future wording general terms and conditions of your particular tariff, "suggests Luke Green. If you find that you are on benefits instead of waiting for price increase, reduce interference, and used services, stricter sanctions for breach of contract, an extension of the notice period or hinder other termination of the contract, then you too are entitled to an agreement on the date of entry into force of amendments to terminate.

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