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On Špilberk Food Festival feast thousands

At the weekend, June 5 to 7 Brno Špilberk castle belonged to lovers of good food and drink. For the fourth time in here, visitors from all over the Czech Republic and abroad came to a culinary feast behalf of Špilberk Food Festival. This year, the festival presented 13 restaurants which prepare for visitors to dozens of classic and non-traditional specialties. According to estimates, this year's event was attended by about 6500 people.

Beautiful view of the Moravian metropolis, a romantic terrace, and nadbraní castle courtyard Špilberk in combination with gastronomic delights from leading Czech chefs. It was in one sentence the fourth year Špilberk Food Festival. As in past years, we have placed emphasis on food and wine pairings. To each dish and was advised visitors to the appropriate type of wine.

Wine and food and news Špilberk Food Festival

Visitors could choose from an extensive menu, the restaurant offered a diverse menu. Tasted the seafood, venison, beef, fish, a combination of sweet and savory flavors, each course was appropriately with recommended wine pairings. For the fourth year we have prepared several innovations.

KOISHI fish & sushi restaurant this year for visitors to prepare a special menu KOISHI in the Royal Chapel. "We wanted to transfer the atmosphere of our venture into the wonderful space of the castle and strengthen comprehensive experience, which are used in our KOISHI. Menu had snoubených 5 courses with wine, of which the three were just 3 Pairing wines. Each sample wines in fact develops the taste of food in the other direction, "explained Simon Elsnerová news, partner KOISHI and adds:" We are very pleased that the visitors took advantage of this and took it so much that KOISHI menu in the Royal Chapel we definitely want to prepare well for the next year. "

Another new beer sommelier partner of the festival prepared Starobrno. Together with the restaurant U Fidel offered a tasting menu where the change in matching food with beer. During the three days, visitors also played by a live band, jazz trio, folk music under the auspices and more.

What most liked?

Visitors could choose from a wide menu of 13 restaurants. "We certainly among the visitors won grilled tiger prawns with truffle risotto with shrimp bisque in combination with Chardonnay Barrique, vintage 2013, from wineries Veverka," says restaurant manager Valoria Jana Protivová. In a restaurant Sono feasted on a soup and dessert. "We had a husband and carrot chili cream and Dark Chocolate Cake with strawberries. We're really excited, "she told one of the guests Lenka Pospíšilová.

"In our booth were eaten nearly 3,000 oysters interest us really surprised. It can be seen that every year about oysters more interested because we were sold out before the festival ended, "says
Simon Elsnerová, co-owner KOISHI restaurant. But it was not only the seafood, which went during the 4th year really "like hot cakes", visitors can savor other dishes. "Praline pheasant restaurant The bakery, which I tasted was excellent. Girlfriend was excited most of POTA Beef burger that tasted of Butcher's, "he told a gastronomic experience Milan Třešník.

"I tasted very spicy soup with grilled shrimp in a restaurant Valoria Kafé Belegradum - coffee dessert with milk foam and cocoa gnocchi baked in the restaurant as a bakery," added Catherine Bílková, the main organizer.

Rising attendance and satisfaction

"We are very pleased that this year's success. It costs about 6,500 participants, and we have very positive feedback. Already, of course, we think, more surprises next year, "summed up the weekend Catherine Bílková.

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