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The card on the labor market turns: work grows, there is a lack of experts

The economic crisis in the Czech Republic, according to employment statistics had subsided. Steadily declining number of unemployed in May, the unemployment rate fell to 6.4 percent, and in some regions growing number of vacancies.

Although the company recruit new employees, the market there is a shortage, especially in technical fields. For the good work people are willing to commute even, firm but must lure bonuses, for example in connection with free housing.

Shortages of qualified staff feels for example, engineering ZKL Group, which manufactures roller bearings. According to the head of the personnel department of Lady Heydové concern missing CNC programmers and operators, engineers, project managers, skilled toolmakers and electricians. "The situation we are dealing with cooperation with vocational schools, employment agencies and labor offices," said Lada Heydová. The Group currently has three production plants - in Brno, Hanušovice and Klášterec. Until the latter two while some commute to work and 50 kilometers.

From remote locations, for example in Slovakia, again looking for employees maker Otis elevators and escalators, which has a manufacturing base in the Czech Republic in Breclav. "Since the end of 2013 getting some new staff in virtually every position. These were mainly engineers, development engineers, process engineers, technologists, quality workers, foremen, purchasers and production workers. Currently still we are looking for designers, installers, locksmiths, CNC operators. Still struggling with a lack of technically educated candidates - especially mechanical engineers and positions as a locksmith, mechanic, etc. At the position where it is required in the field of education locksmith or a similar field, we still have a serious shortage of candidates, "said Personnel Director Otis Olga Zápecová.

The company in the past sought experienced employees and the Slovak Republic. She had also access to further training candidates who are educated in a completely different field. To the factory for escalators and boarded example, originally carpenters or masons. According Zápecové secondary technical schools producing graduates in IT and logistics, but the technique is very little. "Often graduates can not work well with the drawing programs that are necessary for the designer's work," she added Zápecová.

Unemployment in May in the Czech Republic fell to 6.4 percent from April's 6.7 percent. Jobless was 465,689 people, the lowest since June 2009. The vacancies are 92,701, that is, the most since December 2008. Last May, the unemployment rate was 7.5 percent and job vacancies were almost half less than it is now. According to experts But the lack of capable workers.

"It is difficult to find a qualified candidate with the required experience, since his current employer is often aware of how important it is for the company," explained Gabriela Kodenková of recruitment agencies Talentica. According to her, currently clearly there is an excess of job offers over the number of qualified candidates. "From my perspective, the candidates are much more cautious. If they do not work in the current serious problem, are not willing to change it at any cost and are increasingly looking for security against uncertainty, "explained Kodenková. According to her, but people are more flexible than in the past. For quality jobs are willing to travel. "Companies with the count and are willing to pay extra for these candidates, for example, offers a relocation package, whether in the form of free housing for some time, financial compensation for relocation, hostel or assistance in finding new housing," concluded Kodenková.

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