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How to choose a solid fuel boiler?

With the end of the heating season comes in many homes the question of the possible modernization of the boiler. The use of solid fuels is one of the cheapest ways of heating and acquisition of modern boiler can get extra financial support through the program and new green savings "kettle" subsidies. In cooperation with experts, we have prepared some tips and information that is necessary when buying a solid fuel boiler considered.

The boiler output should match the heat loss from the house

Current low-energy houses are well insulated and do not need so much power heating system as older buildings. The boiler output should therefore conform to the calculated heat loss from the house. "A common mistake is to acquire too powerful boiler to low-energy houses. Powerful boiler that does not work in optimum conditions and often closes, it is not very economical, "describes the issues when using too strong boilers in modern low-energy houses Roman Švantner of ENBRA company, which sells, installation and service of heating equipment. Quality of the boiler can be purchased in a wide range of performance, and easy to choose a variant to fit and thermal parameters of his house.

Modern solid fuel boilers need for their work Electricity

Despite being in the solid fuel boiler burns wood, coal or wood pellets, it is often necessary to also count with their connection to the mains. While the old solid fuel boilers usually do not require electricity and can be located where there is no outlet is available, the current boiler no longer connect to the mains must. Most often they used so-called gasification combustion technology and include a fan who takes care of fresh air to the burner and provides full control over the entire combustion process. Electricity, of course, also requires regulatory and electronics in case of automatic boilers also stoke drive system. Electric power automatic boilers for domestic use is around 60 or 70 W, at full boiler load of 180W.

Important is the design and material exchanger

Great influence on the life of the boiler, the material and the construction of its most highly stressed parts - a heat exchanger. This should always be made ​​of quality boiler plate. "Quality has mostly vertical boiler exchanger is less clogged with soot and free of any risk of potential burnout. Its body do not receive in direct contact with the flame, "said Roman Švantner. Vertical heat exchanger has a lower maintenance requirements, and significantly prolongs the life of the entire boiler.

What type of fuel you use?

Before buying the boiler is required to decide what fuel you use the most. Cheapest option is currently Lump wood boilers with automatic stoking then burn particularly wood pellets or coal. Not all boilers but allow the fuel freely and simply substitute. For example, in rural areas are the owners of pellet boilers are often an opportunity to also burn logs of wood. In this case it is advisable to choose a boiler which burns not only pellets or coal, but after a slight adaptation of the combustion chamber also being wood. Quality boiler to allow through a simple adjustment of the combustion chamber, into which insert a wire rack. However, information on power control, depending on the fuel, and also on the anticipated stoking intervals.

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