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Do you suffer from Lyme disease? Replace antibiotics poplar, birch and juniper

Lyme disease in the Czech Republic ranks among the most common infectious disease transmitted by ticks. According to the National Health Institute doctors last year recorded nearly 3,800 cases of infection by the disease. The risk of infection is increased mainly by extending the season incidence of ticks and their territorial deployment.

In the past ticks occurred mostly in summer, there have been increasing since early spring until autumn. In the treatment of disease does not offer solutions, only antibiotics, but problems can be approached and unconventional, but very effective way herbs.

Untreated borreliosis passes in chronic disease

The incubation period of the disease is on the order of days or weeks, during which begin to appear early symptoms. "In 50% of cases it is a red spot at the site of the tick bite. Other, lesser-known symptoms include fever, chills, fatigue and general weakness, "says well-known herbalist Jarmila Podhorná the company hopes. In the case of Lyme disease goes untreated, the chronic infection. To this is added over time as other diseases such as autoimmune diseases, chronic inflammation of the brain or problems with the locomotive system. Borreliosis also becomes the origin of chronic fatigue syndrome or multiple sclerosis.

Antibiotics do not guarantee recovery

Due to health complications, which poses borreliosis, it is important to begin treatment as soon as possible. Traditional antibiotics represent the treatment of disease which a patient at an early stage is used for approximately 3 weeks. If the treatment does not work or if you are a doctor comes only after a long period after infection occurs hospitalization and treatment with antibiotics via infusion. In the Czech Republic, there are a few species of Borrelia bacteria that have different manifestations, and can respond differently to treatment with antibiotics. Complete healing depends mainly on the stage at which the disease begin treated. In the initial stage, the number of cured around 90%, in chronic forms then about 30%.

Poplar buds cleanse the body from viruses and bacteria

Antibiotics do not represent the only possibility to fight Lyme. As concomitant treatment with antibiotics in addition offers a unique treatment with herbs. Due to the infectious origin of this disease is important to start with cleansing the body from unwanted viruses and bacteria. "In the case of disease can be recommended tincture of poplar buds, which is essential against Lyme disease and the most efficient means. An important part of treatment is the regeneration of a weakened organism. Suitable detoxifier in this case is a combination of tinctures of birch buds and juniper. Gemmoterapeutikum Birch is cleaner body, buds junipers regenerate liver damaged by Borrelia that cause fatigue, "says Jarmila Podhorná. Herbs in the treatment of disease are often advised to also cure mixture of pine buds, blackcurrant and vine. These herbs deliver to the muscles and bones of important trace elements, stimulates the adrenal glands and causes inflammation.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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