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How and where on the road you will save on fuel

Vacation time coming. And according to statistics, the travel agency Invia Czechs elected in 2015, mostly in Greece (28%), Turkey (12.5%), Croatia (11%) and Italy (10%).

Czechs at the moment for a holiday this summer spend an average of 12,856 crowns per person, which is about 426 crowns more than last year. Favourites Croatia, however, comes to around 8,131 crowns. While it can save on transport. Because people are going to Croatia mostly by car, representing a significant fuel load.

Differences in prices between countries are exorbitant. For example, prices of petrol Natural 95, according to recent statistics from the European Commission, for example, differ between the Czech Republic and Croatia 4.55 crown per liter, it is more than 200 crowns per tank. Differences in prices are due mainly to different tax burdens in individual states. Clever layout refueling along the way can save significantly.

"On the way to Croatia in the drivers currently do best when diesel will tank in Austria. In Slovenia, the Czech Republic, although compared to pay extra 1.40 cents per liter, compared to Croatia, but still save 20 cents on every liter. In summary - yet it pays refueled mainly in Austria and refill the tank in Slovenia. The joy, however, will not be the owners of cars that consume gasoline . Even in Austria, the Czech Republic compared to drivers to pay extra 2.24 crown, Slovenia even 4.52 Crown and almost the same numbers will be the driver to wait even pump in Croatia, "said
Damir Durakovic, CEO of purchasing alliance Axigon.

Even more pop up costs for fuel dovolenkářům who would like to travel by car to the beauty of Italy. A liter of petrol here costs 44.41 crown and diesel sells at 40.66 korunas.

In summer 2015, doubled the interest of a vacation in Egypt, Czechs, however, are heading to Albania. Actual demand for the first minute tours for summer 2015 is dominated by Greece, which make up 28% of total sales stays at the Invite. The second most popular destination is Turkey with a 12.5% ​​share of sales and occupies third place in Croatia, which is the target of 11% of clients Invia travel agency. Czechs at the moment for a holiday this summer spend on average 12 856 CZK per person, which is CZK 426 more than last year. For example, visits to Greece come out to an average of 14,367 CZK, for Turkey it is 16 269 CZK, then to Croatia, the average price of sold trip 8131 CZK per person.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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