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Pavel Koutecký Award: Lean ladder of Heaven director Jana Ševčíková

Pavel Koutecký Award for best documentary filmmaker Jana Ševčíková won for film Lean ladder of heaven on peculiar pastor Marian Kuffa.

Kuffa parish priest at the rectory in the village of Slovak Žakovce the Tatras cares for the homeless, ex-prisoners, alcoholics, drug addicts, the disabled and other socially vulnerable people who otherwise would end up on the street and trying to give them a new chance in life. The image shows the life in this community, which Marián Kuffa created.

This year's jury consisted of writer and literary historian Radka Denemarková, photographer Tono Stano, director of the Archa Theatre Ondřej Hrab, Andrew Kamenicky One World and Stepanek Korytová a circle of friends Pavel Koutecký.
Members of the jury at the film appreciated the honesty with which the director Jana Ševčíková documented life story Kuffa pastor, former enthusiastic climbers. It led to the belief accident on Gerlach, in which nearly cost him his life.

Director Jana Ševčíková took over at the gala evening announcement ninth annual Pavel Koutecký Award at the Archa Theatre in addition to statuettes of glass artist René Roubíček also reward of one hundred thousand crowns from the Foundation Avast. Film lean a ladder on the sky by the jury updates and undermines familiar situations, enters the world of the characters sensitively, but neuhýbavě and is a precise study also said that no man is wise to be aware of every evil that takes place. The picture created five years, so the director of the High Tatras parish brought a total of two hundred and forty hours of filmed material. The unusual Parsons came through articles in newspapers and ceased to fascinate her today. The parish in Zakovce live about two hundred and fifty socially excluded people who would otherwise be on the streets.

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Trailer for the movie Lean ladder of Heaven

Interview with director Jana Ševčíková

What brought you to the pastor Mariano Kuffa and why you decided just to document its activities?
In 2008 I read a newspaper article about Parsons Marian Kuffa that the Slovak Republic in the parish in Žakovce helps socially disadvantaged people. In a few weeks, I found myself with my family on holiday in the Tatra mountains, and we followed him all went to Zakovce. The rectory they were told that the pastor is so busy that it does not accept unannounced visits. He was finally out of the agreed five-minute meeting almost an hour. When I finally asked if I could go back, I answered that it does not force anyone calling or that everything is in God's hands. In three weeks, I do Zakovce arrived with a paramotor on his back and stayed for about a fortnight. He eventually commuted regularly without camera only magneťákem throughout the year. It was a time that helped me came not only in the life of Marian, but also the lives of other people who worked with him in the rectory lived.

As to his activities under the Tatras watching? Not his efforts to nearly marrow, at the expense of his personal life?

Currently he survives not only in Slovak, but worldwide, many homeless who wander the cities. Many are unable to stand on their own feet and live independently. On the street it can be very difficult to survive without alcohol and drugs. It is again needed money, so sometimes they steal. Most of them did not want to work, often do not have identity cards, let alone health or social insurance. At this time solves the problem of homelessness in large cities mainly shelters - dormitories. But there either come up through the day and you have to go out in the evening or you'll have to go out in the evening and morning. Sometimes they will get people to eat, bathe, and may even receive clean clothes. But nothing to do, they take it as a matter of course, they get used to it and everything ends. Missing place with re-socialization facilities.

The parish in Zakovce live about two hundred and fifty people with similar fates. Marián pastor preaches a theory adduces no intellectual argument about civil assistance. Its strength comes primarily from the faith - even when you meet him every day in the muddy hiking boots, overalls and vaťáku of cement. He says: "If you want an opportunity for a better life? I'll help you, but get involved. Do you want to take? Learn to give. "At the chapel in his sermons lead people really pull that they dig under the skin, whether they want it or not. Gospel passes through the stories that over twenty years in the rectory with the people lived, often with humor svojským. Faith does not preach, but live with all that belongs to life - including the personal desires of trouble and doubt. Marianův attitude was a challenge for me to film.

Do you think that the Kuffa this effort somehow can not "give back"?

This is a question more for Marian. However, I do not think he got from the people something back. Each person has a different perspective on what's sacrifice, what a service, what faith is. I hope my view will screen in the film.

Movie you filmed five years. How much filmed material you had available? It was hard to choose what film to use?
I had a total of two hundred and forty hours of footage and the resulting film takes one hour and forty minutes. What can I say?

Which characters from the parish in the movie watching and how you decided for them?

Every character in the film plays for his party - the alcoholics, drug addicts, homeless people, despite whores to the man who has spent seventeen years in solitary confinement. Prague you bring the footage, upload it to your computer and you Žakovce in the living room is curate. Gradually I chose people I then watched not only in the parish but also outside. We are looking for staff in parks, pubs, railway stations and in other cities. I wanted to show how these people live when they leave the rectory, how they relate to the rector, the Žakovcům how they react when they get into trouble. If you are unable to come back or are so vain and confessed before his defeat in front of the priest and the whole community, rather in the misery will remain.

How to shoot remember? After all, you Zakovce spent a lot of time and it's a completely different world than in Prague.
They say that time will tell everything. And I Žakovce to curate and others simply missing.

What does it mean Pavel Koutecký Award you received for the film?

It is a pleasure not only for me but for all those who helped "lean a ladder on the sky". And I hope this message reaches even Mariani.

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