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Why are we still encounter excessive packaging?

Not economic nor ecological and customers perceive them negatively. So why manufacturers of packaged goods to the excessive packaging? Because packaging markets and the greater, the more noticeable. Or easily disguises the loss of real content. The cause may also be plain packaging for different quantities of product.

At first glance it may seem that at the time of farmers' markets, organic products and are easily degradable waste makes sense to use excessive packaging. The reasons why labels are misleading packaging and sizes, but several. "Producers count on the fact that the customer will decide reflexively and large packaging when buying notes before data on the actual volume or weight. A package therefore has the same reason as the need bright colors, unusual shape or mascot to products intended for children - must take, "says Luke Green, head of the legal department Dtest. Big package would work for a short while so impulsive buying, in the long run but consumers often rather poison.

The second reason for using excessive packaging mostly related to increases in raw material prices. The product is reduced, but not the packaging. In this case, the manufacturer allows again reflexive conduct customer who wants to buy it for what it is accustomed wants a product and quickly find the first time you shrink the contents of notice. Such an approach is typical for products in bulk, such as laundry detergents. Occur with packages that contain more separately packaged units, such as sachets or rice cereal biscuits.

The third reason is decorativeness. Most often it refers gift packs, which are sold for example at Christmas. The customer notices mainly large decorative packaging, but the actual content will record a second look. Gift packs often are not only excessive but also cost disadvantage, the product of a set of often pays to buy separately. In the Czech Republic and worldwide follows mostly sells cosmetics and toiletries.

The fourth reason may be plain packaging. "For some manufacturers, it is typical that all volumes sold in the same plastic dózičce, whether it is full to the brim, or just at the bottom sadly lies ten capsules. However, the buyer hardly recognize what they are buying. Also a problem is when you meet such a package with a finely written information about the actual content. Most often it concerns food supplements or detergents and cleaning products in a plastic opaque package, "says Luke Green.

On the campaign website Dtest "Do not sell air" can be found examples of "air" packaging which consumers are inserted into the database of excessive packaging. The purpose of the database is to refer to the practices and help consumers gain a better knowledge of the market.

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