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Swimming in fresh water: beware of hidden hazards

Many freshwater flows with it the danger of parasitic infection. But you can get infected even when water pleasures in chlorinated pools, hotel resorts. Disinfection is no guarantee one hundred percent protection against dangerous microorganisms.

Schistosomiasis is a disease caused by blood fluke. Numerous species of this parasite inhabit fresh water worldwide. High risk of disease is threatening, particularly in Africa, South America, the Caribbean, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Doctors estimate that fluke are affected around 200 million people on our planet. The infection occurs by skin contact with contaminated water. Hidden danger lurks in stagnant water contaminated with human urine and faeces. Flukes penetrate the skin, where they migrate mainly into the intestine, liver or bladder. Within a few days after infection leads to development of rash and itching. For 1-2 months may develop symptoms as fever, chills, cough and muscle aches. A large proportion of patients in this period has absolutely no symptoms of illness.

Symptoms of organ damage

Flukes over time settling in venous plexus target organs. Symptoms for this stage of disease is responsible organism's immune system, which tries to fight against the foreign parasite.

Settlement of the bladder may occur pain during urination, urinary tract infections and the presence of blood in urine.
Intestinal disability manifests digestive problems, bloody diarrhea, malabsorption of nutrients or anemia.
If the parasite travels to the lungs, the patient suffer from cough and shortness of breath.
Rarely can flukes penetrate into the nervous tissue. Brain damage may give rise to epilepsy, dizziness or headache.

Manifestations of the disease are very diverse and depend primarily from the affected target tissues.

Caution should especially

Blood fluke disease is fairly well treatable. Patients, however, often not spared the unnecessary and very unpleasant complications. Therefore it is important to bet on prevention. Before traveling, check if at a given location are flukes. If contact with fresh water, immediately dry with a towel. This way can often prevent infection. Sweet water flows never drink or use it for personal hygiene or for washing clothes. When seeding suspicious rashes immediately see a medical facility.

Danger hides and chlorinated water

If you think that the chlorination of water removing all dangerous microorganisms, then you are mistaken. Bacteria, viruses and fungi in chlorinated water can persist for up to several days. When the pleasures of water in the pools is most commonly transmitted diarrhea headed by traveler's diarrhea and bacillary dysentery. Prevent unseen danger is often very difficult. Water from the pool never swallow and try to limit her contact with the oral cavity. Also reduce the risk of infection by showering regularly after each visit to the swimming pool.

Traveling in warm areas is inextricably linked to a stay in a refreshing fresh water. Keep in mind, however, that both natural and modified water sources can render the risk of infection from dangerous microorganisms.

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