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As the summer to save energy? Defrost the fridge and get your outdoor blinds

Where to go on vacation? I took a sunscreen? Where we will Slush? Such questions are at the time of summer and holidays quite normal. People want to relax and recharge the hot sun new energy to be without worries. Few have so admits, as summer is specific and consumes energy. Yet only the formation of ice in the freezer strongly supports the formation of ice which increases the cost of electricity by 75%.

Defrost the fridge in summer and then set it to 7 degrees Celsius

An inseparable part of summer for most Czechs sipping chilled drinks, grilling, preparing and eating vegetable or fruit salads or eating cold watermelon. This is essential efficient fridge-freezer. "Refrigeration and freezing the older fridge and freezer is the second largest consumer of energy in the home. For older refrigerator freezer can electricity be more than 600 kWh per year. While new models in energy efficiency class A +++ are doing much better. Their annual electricity consumption is about two-thirds lower, "Roman Kouba outlines the company E.ON, which issued a manual-saving household.

Whether you are older or newer piece, follow a few basic rules. Due to the reduction in energy consumption is good in the summer defrost refrigerator regularly. If frost layer will have more than 3 mm will increase the cost of electricity by 75%. This is especially true in the summer when most people in the freezer in an increased amount of stored containers filled with liquid that evaporates promote the formation of frost. The refrigerator should also be placed as far away from heat sources such as ovens. Each extra degree Celsius in its neighborhood is increased power consumption of up to 4%. The ideal internal temperature is 7 degrees, and does not need to podchlazovat, even in hot summer. But hot food before storing in the refrigerator leave to cool.

Instead of baths give a shower to save up to 170 liters

Everyone seems Cech consumption 112 liters of water per day. If you feel that this amount during the winter do not use, believe that in the heat of summer it can offset richly. Although in this box include laundry, washing dishes and cooking, one of the most outstanding entries is a bath in the tub, which accounts for about 150-200 liters of water. In the summer, because many Czechs took to give a lukewarm bath to them in the hot days provides a pleasant cooling and substitutes swim in the pool. But here as you save? In the first place can be saved showering, which consumes only 30-50 liters. While one bath in the tub will cost about 12 crowns shower is less than 4 crown. If you want to save even more, buy a shower head with a well-chosen. Older types of heads is also consumed 20 liters of water per minute. S saving heads which take into 1,000 crowns, but the consumption is reduced to 6-8 liters without showering feel difference. Also you can use a so-called stop-valve which is mounted between the battery and the shower hose and regulates the flow of 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14 liters per minute. These measures can save an additional 50% of the hot water.

Air conditioning will help outdoor blinds

A separate chapter is a warm weather climate. Even a small air conditioning unit for one room has a power consumption of about 1000 watts, which is up to 16 times more than in the case of a large pedestal fan. "Even when using the air conditioner can not save. Sufficient to prevent the entry of heat into the room, for example, by shading windows with outdoor blinds. They heat the room even keep out. Assistance may also internal or venetian blinds, curtains or blinds, "says Roman Kouba from E.ON. Against the interior overheating summer sun can also help window reflective film that is easy to apply directly to the outer side of the window. They have varying degrees of reflectance and transmittance of light.

When selecting air conditioning, pay particular attention to its consumption, where you can navigate using the label. Efficient air conditioners are usually the most expensive, but the investment pays off - with their low power consumption you price in 2-3 years back. Also important is the work itself and then with air conditioning. A suitable temperature is a value of 24 degrees ± 2 degrees, and the outside temperature, the temperature in the house should differ by a maximum of 7 degrees. Striving for greater temperature difference, of course, also unnecessarily increase energy consumption. The basic rule when using air then is to have the windows closed.

Source: tz Lesenský.cz

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