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You can not sleep in peace? This may be another disease

The quality of our sleep changes with age. One reason may be some diseases that are more prevalent in old age, which can interfere with restful sleep. Another is the natural aging, which is associated with changes in brain structure, and hormone levels.

Sleep in old age naturally changes

With advancing age, there is a weakening of the function of internal biological clocks that affect the natural biorhythms. This contributes to the deterioration of nocturnal sleep and decreased daytime vigilance. Night sleep in old age shortens contrary pospávání is frequent during the day. Older people are also more likely to wake up at night and difficult to reach the deepest stages of sleep. Changing the layout of sleep, its architecture. Some changes are sleeping in old age is natural and does not require treatment. This does not apply at all times.

For poor sleep can become another disease

Sleep disorders are among the elderly compared to younger individuals frequently caused by:
nocturia (having to go to urinate during the night), back pain, restless legs syndrome,
heart problems, Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease, psychiatric disorders,
some drugs.

Nighttime urination disrupts sleep

The most common cause of sleep disturbance is considered nocturia. As a result of frequent urination during the night is lack of rest, daytime sleepiness, decreased performance and the associated physical and psychological problems, including depression. Experts are pointing to frequent falls in the elderly suffering from nocturia, due to fatigue, you feel during the day.

A number of seniors, often inappropriately, taking sleep medications called hypnotics. These can give rise to the necessity of increasing dependence of their benefits, drop in blood pressure falls and injuries. Sleep disorders should always be consulted with a specialist to expose their cause. Its zaléčením can cause the spontaneous adjustment of sleep without the use of hypnotics. In some other cases, treatment can help daily routine.

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