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Guide to alternative eating styles

Reasons why people start to eat, alternatively, a lot. But one thing tend to have in common - they aim to achieve a balance in accordance with natural laws. Themes are also ecological or religious, Jews must not eat pork, India's sacred cow again, because there do not eat beef and veal. They are also a frequent cause health problems, especially chronic nature, or serious illness (cancer, etc.).

Various forms of the different meals are popular during adolescence. The transition to these alternatives it expresses protest against everything traditional. Among the most common methods of alternative dining options include various forms of vegetarianism, macrobiotics, meals according to Chinese medicine or ayurveda.

"The benefits are undeniable alternative ways, provided that these are not extreme feeding methods with a very limited selection of food. Much depends on what foods a person consumes, and that in their diet omits, "explains
Dr.. Carolina Hlavatá, Ph.D. the project plus White. Food is generally characterized by lots of fiber, low in fat and cholesterol, sufficient intake of certain vitamins - e.g. B1, C, E, beta-carotene, folic acid, and minerals (e.g. magnesium and potassium). In contrast, usually in small quantities represented sodium.

"Great emphasis is placed on seasonal and food choices according to the seasons, heat treatment, proportionality in the use of spices and flavors, eating slowly and chewing thoroughly and the like."

The alternative - not just food, but the overall setup man

Alternative meals is only part of their life style. What is important is the overall approach to life - the pursuit of inner balance, meditation, relaxation, regular exercise, of course, moderate alcohol consumption, smoking, and others.

"It is a philosophy of life. The principle is the perception of man as a whole - balance implies a balance of body, soul, mind, in accordance with the universe, with whom we form one big whole. Each of us has in itself a microcosm of the macrocosm associated with past us. Opposites treats, like increases like, because the universe is the coexistence of contradictory qualities, "explains expert.

Though the idea is the same, various different interpretations. E.g. Chinese medicine based on Buddhist zenismu as the basis of life, the harmony of male and female principles, yin and yang energies. Ayurveda considers the basis of the universe five elements - space, air, fire, water, earth.

"In Chinese medicine and Ayurveda we will meet with the division of people into Groups according to the prevailing element whose manifestation is the typical appearance, behavior and tendency to disease. On this basis, and dividing the food, it is also recommended to their heat treatment. Maybe in Chinese medicine, according to the thermal effect on the body recognize foods hot, warm, neutral, cool and refreshing. "

Tolerance to lactose because of the domestication of animals

In the alternative ways of eating, we often encounter with the requirement of exclusion of milk and milk products. The arguments against milk and dairy products are relatively weak. In addition, moderate directions - Ayurveda, lacto-ovo-vegetarianism - are seen by milk and milk products to be very beneficial. The Chinese diet is milk and consume dairy products as well, but Asia is among the areas with a high incidence of lactose intolerance (up to 98% of the population).

The decrease of the lactase activity (enzyme that cleaves milk sugar lactose to glucose and galactose) is naturally programmed from the second year of life. However, the consumption of milk and milk products for humans has proved to be very advantageous, especially with regard to the full-fledged high content of protein.

Beginning genetic mutations, therefore, the possibility to maintain a high activity of lactase in adulthood and is dated to 10 000 years ago. At this time, some people began to domesticated animals is treated further benefit, and for the production of milk.
"With regular consumption of milk and milk products has gradually started to increase the ability to produce lactase into adulthood, with the possibility of splitting lactose began to be transmitted to future generations. In Asian countries, however, this need not be so strong as abundant as a source of protein used legumes - mainly soy, which in comparison with other legumes is high in a relatively full-featured protein, and of course fish, "explains the doctor.

Soy may not be a suitable solution

Some proponents of alternative movements, however, refuse to even scientifically substantiated evidence, they have their truth. In addition, full compliance eg. Food according to Chinese medicine, it may not be easy at all.

"From a balance between yin and yang is required number of special ingredients, spices and cooking methods. Also not adapted to high intake of soy, which can be hazardous in men - soy source fytoesterogenů, substances similar to the female sex hormones - and in individuals with tumors that are hormone-dependent - breast and prostate cancer. Soy proteins are also strongly allergenic, therefore, these substitutes are not suitable for all persons allergic to proteins of animal milks, soy because they can interfere like milk. "

Attention - iron or calcium is better absorbed from animal sources

Extremely restrictive diets - vegan and macrobiotic - not recommended in the period until the end of the second year of life, on grounds of potential protein-calorie malnutrition and growth and psychomotor retardation.

"At the extreme forms of alternative eating encounter with insufficient iron intake, calcium, vitamin D, B12 and B2 (riboflavin). Some important substances such as iron and calcium from plant foods are absorbed into the body substantially worse than animal food, "adds Dr.. Carolina Hlavatá, Ph.D. the project plus White.

Alternative meals and worldview can be in today's consumer society is very beneficial, but it is important to correctly combine various foods and take in sufficient quantities. Plant foods do not contain a full protein, but it is necessary to ensure a sufficient variety and combination of various plant foods (eg. Legumes + cereals, nuts, cereals +). Also important is the knowledge of nutrition and open your eyes to a person ceased to perceive scientific facts.

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Author: Sarka Pelcová

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