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You stop with drugs? Five steps to facilitate that process

Withdrawal symptoms associated with reducing the dose or stopping use of the drug tend to be one of the obstacles to lasting abstinence. And even if they manage to cope with these conditions, it does not mean that the person concerned depending rid of it completely. So what can we do to make the chances of a life without drugs as high as possible?

1. Except as cold turkey cold turkey

If you are together with heroin taking medicines based on benzodiazepines should you perform withdrawal syndrome experienced doctor. Abrupt withdrawal of higher doses of these drugs is copied abstinence syndrome characteristic of alcohol withdrawal. Except neither epileptic seizure or developing delirium with hallucinations. Complications that can accompany withdrawal symptoms can be life-threatening.

2. For some "friends" Forget

Discontinue intercourse with persons who use or distribute drugs. Even though you came into contact with such people very often during weaning from drug and subsequent abstinence will any contact with them may pose a risk of recurrence after sáhnutí addictive substance. This danger is greatest in the first months of abstinence, however, will continue throughout your life. Frequent contact with people who do not use drugs, and they can guide you in your efforts to promote, is very desirable. You will find them among experts and old friends.

3. Warning on alcohol!

Do not drink and not dwell with individuals who do so. Alcohol intoxication may cause a breach of abstinence and sáhnutí the drug, since you are trying to wean. In certain cases, it is to replace one dependency for another, such as being alcohol. This risk is higher for individuals that take heroin versus methamphetamine users because alcohol has some benefits, like heroin depressant effects.

4. Keep out their mental health

If, after the successful withdrawal of the drug and withdrawal symptoms occur mastering any mental health problems, especially anxiety or depression , it needs to see a psychiatrist. A bruised psyche can be one of the main causes of re-use of the drug.

5. Allow to investigate

Although already abstinent former drug on your health could significantly sign. Do not forget to pass appropriate examinations focused mainly on infectious diseases, which are often linked to drug use.

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