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Attend to solve as soon as possible!

Záděra does represent a minor problem, but it can be very painful and can also cause infection. It must be properly cut and mostly treat the damaged area. Suitable are for example creams or gels with extracts from medicinal plants.

Záděra except that it is not very pretty to look at, it can also be an entrance gate of infection - taking care of her, therefore, should not be neglected. It's dry, Grew cuticle on the nail, which can hurt uncomfortable. If the protruding part of a nibble, then the addition to threatening infections and sepsis.

The culprits are more

Záděra not only causes nail biting, but also dried and dehydrated skin . Therefore, this problem troubling most people with dry skin, having a thin protective fatty layer. Dehydrated skin is without water and easily thanks to flakes. Then just about anything a little noose and created a hangnail. The formation of dry skin can occur, for example, frequent contact with the paper - that is in contact with the skin is sucked fat. The fault but it can also be a bad manicure or lack of certain vitamins and minerals.

Gentle removal

Cuticles should be cut as soon as possible. How to proceed?
Treat the affected area with soap and warm water in order to soften the skin.
Attention, scissors disinfect with alcohol.
Then try to remove the cuticles as long as possible. Do not overdo it, let nestřihnete up under your skin.
In case it is best to attend to the deep wound caused to firstly partly remedied. Hangnail grows up, it can trim to an already.
Manicurists recommend to push the cuticles use a special wooden stick - better wood than metal.

Do not put Treatments

Cuts that is formed after cutting, it is appropriate to provide a healing cream or gel containing natural substances, preferably camomile or marigold. Calendula is useful in this case to its healing effect and is suitable just for minor skin wounds, which includes a hangnail. Medical chamomile turn antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, reducing the risk of infection at the site cut off the cuticle. Preferred is a mutual combination of extracts of medicinal plants both in one product that comes faster wound healing and moreover hangnail so painful.

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