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ZOO Liberec: Exhibition Giants and additions of rare animals

ZOO Liberec: Exhibition Giants and additions of rare animals A remarkable exhibition highlighting the Giants discharge elephants, Europe's largest owls in one place, lemurs dark exposure, as well as other events and new additions to the endangered animals. All this going and is expected in the upcoming summer season 2015 the oldest zoo in the country - ZOO Liberec.

The main attractions of Liberec Zoo in the new summer season is definitely one exhibition Giants in the Liberec Zoo, one of the largest of its kind in Europe. This unique exhibition is on view from June to October 31st. A total of 18 models of ice age animals epic proportions will be located on an area of 600 square meters at the main entrance to the garden. The artists, along with scientists created a real form of prehistoric animals like the unicorn or Elasmotérium Moa bird.

There will also be saber-toothed tiger and lion cave. I wonder certainly attract a huge sloth called megaterium, which reached lengths of up to 6 meters. Similarly reached staggering proportions when two-ton Glyptodon, a relative of today's small and agile armadillo. Visitors have a unique opportunity to compare these prehistoric animals with those of today, living in the zoo.
"The causes of the extinction of creatures from the Ice Age may be some parallels to today's extinction of elephants in Africa but also other endangered animals. The subtitle of the exhibition "Mammoths to help elephants," so I think speaks for itself, "notes the overlap and educational purpose of the exhibition director of the zoo, which actively supports the fight against the massive discharge of elephants in Africa. The dominant feature of the exhibition will be a mammoth from the Ice Age to life-size, on which the attack hunters - a symbolic parallel to pytláckým attacks on the territory of the third-largest continent.

Recently garden contributed to the expedition Czech female professional Camy kynoložky Hana Böhme from the Czech Lipa and its 6000 km distant trip to the Congo. After the project, the use of dogs in tracking and arresting smugglers ivory stand-profit organization Save the Elephants, led by Arthur F. Sniegon of Trinec, with whom ZOO Liberec long time and works closely. Part of the proceeds from the show will be donated to the words of the director of this very organization.

The exhibition would, however, could also help Liberec elephants. Their future depends on urgent reconstruction slonince, which is the key to getting the next contact elephant. On this project garden needs about 7 million. Future breeding elephants in the zoo in Liberec is thus associated with many question marks.

Another attraction? Ural owl on Owl Trail

The Liberec zoo also recently invited to get acquainted with tawny whitish. Visitors can now see together now four largest owls European continent in one place. Newly added tawny vulture, eagle owl and the snowy owl západosibiřského. Now with tawny owls nest may boldly in length, measured. Its generic name from the beautiful owl by white feathers under the guise that resemble a beard. Another significant feature is the large round head with a gray face and big yellow eyes. Nighthawk is a specialist completely silent years, which utilizes the hunt. All of the above owls, which are slowly but surely disappearing from our countryside, are seen at the zoo called. Owl Trail.

The Liberec Zoo opens new "Island prosimians"

During June 2015 ZOO expand its portfolio of other interesting animal species - lemur dark that inhabit the rain forests of Madagascar. That is indeed bred in Liberec "nonexposure" since September 2014, but until this June prosimians occupy the premises unusual place - an island in the pond. It was on April prepares breeding base and grow bamboo structures. A group of lemurs, which will have as neighbors pelicans and water fowl, represent four males from Olomouc zoo. There has already won four of unusual names corresponding with devilish look, and Azrael, Nick, Satan and Beelzebub. Lemurs reaching adult weighing about 2.4 kg, and length from 91 to 110 cm will join a further opům which can be in the ZOO predict - to chimpanzees gibonům, macaques, tamarínům, baboons and mangabejům.

This year rich additions to the zoo

Since the beginning of the year increased to libereckých many breeds of pups that will be in the summer season in the expositions on display. This is eg. The young ones Chapman zebras, alcelaphinae běločelého, Golden Takin, bearded vulture, the doyen of kea parrot. Of the last, who was born in May and June, then certainly worth mentioning five young highly endangered in the wild ibex dagestánského and two leggy female horse antelope.

Zoo animals enrich its collection with new and interesting specimens - breeding predators in April has grown by two male lions Berber. They are in their adolescence, when they can observe the majestic mane growth and the disappearance of small spots on their fur, which is characterized by lions at an early age.

Do tropics pavilion was added a few pythons gridded, giant snake, which is among the champions in length and usually grows to 3-4 meters. Some individuals may grow to incredible lengths and 9 meters. Liberec Pythons are exceptional by the fact that they come from the island of Bali. The local version of this plaza is farmed very rarely seen and is different from other pythons specific colors.

Summer vacation time should then be marked by the expected birth Rothschild giraffes and zebras maneless. Both of these animals in addition ZOO Liberec inhabit a common exposure.

Touches of Africa

18. 7. On the zoo will host the 5th annual event called Touch of Africa. "You do not necessarily have to Africa to be able to touch her. Let Africa to touch you, "is the motto of the event. In the garden Lidove orchards Liberec, visitors are introduced to a completely different culture of the African continent through music performances, workshops and lectures.

This year's patrons are a musician and an entomologist, Dan Bárta and Emeritus Ambassador to Kenya, Gita Fuchsová. Visitors can except patrons also enjoy the artistic groups from Mali, Uganda, Congo and Cameroon. The festival will also include a rich accompanying program full of lectures and activities, during which those present learn, among other things, how it works in African schools how to play petanque with coconuts or you can get entangled hair in braids African hairdresser.

ZOO Liberec in the new "online" coat

Portal ZOO Liberec since June brings users a more modern graphic coat, more comfortable to find practical information before the visit, the zoo news and upcoming events. "We emphasized mainly on the structure and intuitive graphical clarity. Compared to the old site to the new majority will be interconnected sections, the basic menu will still be available and will improve the clarity of key locations site, "said a spokesman for the Liberec Zoo Jan Kubánek that the new site will also responsive. It will therefore likewise be displayed on all mobile devices and bring visitors to greater comfort.

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