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50th Karlovy Vary: Home care and Cobras and snakes in the main competition

50th Karlovy Vary: Home care and Cobras and snakes in the main competition Among the seven world premieres and six international festival presents new films Dietrich Brüggemann, Romanian filmmakers Anci Damian Florin Serban and a debut of a talented Italian artist Ferdinand Cita Filomarina

Sovereign play with genres and also significant political and moral commentary in the competition dazzles trio of the most interesting contemporary European directors. German prized creator Dietrich Brüggemann (Way of the Cross) will premiere a radical anti-neo-Nazi satirical comedy Heil, acerbic commentary on the state of the German company raised the impressive pace. The red spider debut and leading Polish documentarian and cinematographer Marcin Koszałka is precisely the psychological thriller inspired products built by true events Introducing the mechanisms and the birth of a serial killer. Acclaimed Danish filmmaker Daniel Dencik introduce the feature debut of Gold Coast, original historical film, which is lyrical poetry and terrifying nightmare especially pronounced testimony of European colonialism.

Czech Republic will be represented in the main competition of the two titles. Home care, Mussel debut Horak clamping attention to the selfless nurse, whom fate stands in the way hardly surmountable obstacle, tells of deadly serious matters with a fine sense of humor. Jan Prušinovský will introduce a Cobra snakes, uncompromising drama about two brothers coming to terms with the different ways the bleakness and lack of funds for the Central provincial town.

The fact that the high quality Italian film production exhausted at the recent Cannes Festival, reveals an exceptional debut Antonia, original insight into the life of acclaimed poet Antonia Pozziové (1912 - 1938), which not even thirty years old Ferdinando Cito Filomarino made ​​in the production of the famous colleague Luca Guadagnino.

In a similar promise for European cinema near future is the Kosovar talent Visar Morina, who Carlsbad competition will present his feature film debut Babai, the story of ten year old boy following his father on a dramatic journey from Kosovo to Germany.

With a distinctly stylized movies come to Carlsbad two filmmaker. The author admired image Crulic - The Path to Beyond Anca Damian in his new art-film credits Magic Mountain recounts the fate of mountaineers and adventure photographer Adam Winkler, using the technique of animated collages based on historical materials. Respected work of classic literature Solomou Aleichem Yiddish served as an inspiration to the Ukrainian director Eva Neymannové (house with a turret at KVIFF 2012), the third film Song of Songs offers a plot loosely connected haunting images of a vanished world of Jewish shtetl early 20th century.

Among the debuts of seven contestants will appear in American film Frenchman established in Massachusetts Diego Ongaro Bob and trees, in verité style filmed story woodcutter and cattle breeders Bob Tarasuka, charismatic doer with a weakness for golf and gangster rap.

Five years after the award-winning Berlin competition film When I want to whistle comes Romanian Florin Serban creator of the drama "Body" Box in whose story brings together the steps nineteen talented boxer and an older generation of attractive theater actress.
Drama adolescence and jitřivou photogenic rural Quebec in its intimate debut Sound of trees comprehensively captured the Canadian maker François Peloquin. Cinematically ambitious and symbols interwoven way of coping with the painful loss of a loved one will present Austrian creator Peter Brunner in an intimate study has wings, who ended with the fall, whose name acknowledges inspiration from the poetic work Ingeborg Bachmann.

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Photo Source: Film Servis Festival Karlovy Vary.

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