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Cultural summer at the Harp: Hron and Knor, Kočičková and Pawlowská

Cultural summer at the Harp: Hron and Knor, Kočičková and Pawlowská To enjoy the summer sun besides also enjoy the fun? Galerie Harfa opened the fourth summer scene. Summer theater, unique guests and come into their own as well as lovers of theater ..

Summer scene on Harfě begins June 22 and ends on September 3rd 2015. For entertainment are prepared for you from the game comedic repertory theater Arthur. Thanks Kinematograf brothers Čadíků you can directly under the open sky to see several films Czech and foreign production. The laughter and fun will take care of unique guests, the show will present Vladimir Hron, Halina Pawlowska, Miloš Knor or Ester Kočičková.

From the repertoire Artur'll see, for example, I can play for you ?, Three in a grove looking for a lover, Mark rushes! Girls and the legendary war. About Fridays and weekends roof Galerie Harfa transformed into an outdoor cinema. The images are prepared for children and teenagers, and adults, such as the Ice Kingdom, three brothers, Icing, The Wolf of Wall Street and more. Screening is free for all visitors.

During the summer there is also proven programs and projects from previous years. You can enjoy the love Decibels project, namely hits Michal David, but also on the global hit one man show Dad or one woman show at the terrible beauty with Halina Pawlowska. Summer scene on Harfě year also welcome David and Iva Suchařípa Hüttnerová. Its place on the program, but there are also completely new, magic show, for example, the most successful and best Czech magician Paul Kožíšek or comics Ltd. Milos Knor, Karel Hynek and Ester Kočičková.

Galerie Harfa free of charge for blankets and ponchos.
In case of inclement weather, the program moves to the theater Gong.

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