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To claim a charger? And hand over the phone.

He broke the warranty period charger? If you go to her claim, be prepared that it will not be easy. Some merchants require delivery to the complaint and the phone, even though it clearly does not only charger. Otherwise the complaint will not accept it or reject it. Such unreasonable demands, however, are against the law.

Today, everyone has a charger, and sometimes not one. Their cost ranges in the hundreds of hundred-notes, and can be bought. This does not mean that you have no right to claim the charger from the dealer and ask him a free replacement. "Who's been tried and stumbled. Sellers refuse to take the charger itself and insist on handing over the phone. However, this requirement has no real justification. It is intended only to discourage consumers from exercising their legal rights guarantees, "says Luke Green, head of the legal department Dtest.

The customer can thus find themselves due to faulty charger without a phone up to 30 days, including without mobile banking contacts, clock, e-mail, the Internet and a number of downloaded applications. What's worse, all the data and applications will come factory reset. The service provider must pay anyway, so it remains to provide for complaints other phone and wait. Retailers rely on the fact that consumers phone, which is okay, only to complaints due to faulty battery charger can not. Before we bypass the moon without a phone, you'd better buy a new charger.
To verify if a malfunction of the charger testing the phone with another battery charger or the faulty try to charge any other phone, not a single reason to cast upon a complaint with the charger and phone. Goods is transferred to the complaint for the purposes of the defect and its removal. Faulty phone chargers typically can not be repaired and changes piece by piece. Their malfunction verify dealer and service as a customer, it measures the maximum.

"The reason why traders conditional acceptance or settlement of a claim charger simultaneously handing your phone does not actually need expert assessment defectiveness charger with one specific phone. It is for the more desire to avoid higher costs. Such an approach is contrary to the law. If the product has a defect for which the seller is responsible, should consumers axle burden to a minimum. Therefore, it is not reasonable to require the consumer to use the goods restricted claims more than is absolutely necessary, "says Luke Green.

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