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Milan Kňažko Divadlo Na Jezerce!

Milan Kňažko Divadlo Na Jezerce! Jana Hrušínského theater company launches in September in Theatre Na Jezerce fourteenth season preparing for the world premiere of the bestseller Eugene Bocek last aristocrat directed by Ernest Goldflam.

In Theatre Na Jezerce is also present in the demanding role of Shylock in the game, as John splinters that had Los Angeles car accident in the spring, acting legend Kňažko Milan. The game will then show directed by theater Radka Balas Czech premiere.

Divadlo Na Jezerce declassified long-awaited report, the actor who will play the game Jon Mark Leirena-Young "Shylock". Game show has been preparing for over a year and had in her return to Jezerkou Jan Triska, who excelled in comedy by Yasmina Reza Kumšt directed by Jan Hrebejk. Unfortunately, he had a splinter in the middle of preparing a car accident and was unable to learn the role. After finally relinquished the role of theater approached the excellent Slovak actor Milan priestess.

"It's a challenge to me, after that I can not refuse,"
says Kňažko. Principal Theater Hrušínský Jan adds: "I am delighted that we have found in Mr. Kňažko dignified and full-fledged follower of this unique project and that we will finally manage to just such an exceptional game, such as" Shylock "bring to Czech stage. I also like to say that Jan Triska me this option subsequently endorsed and welcomed. Mr. Kňažko fingers crossed and hopefully will come to the premiere. "

Ernest Goldfam, who directed the successful staging of Jezerce Darda writer Irena Dousková and his authorial play Pagliacci be staged in the new season of the comedy Last aristocrat. This successful novel Eugene Bocek is due to the overwhelming interest of readers have two more sequels. Divadlo Na Jezerce, like in the case of Darda, did not hesitate and reached for the bestseller that brought the world its own dramatization. Is the story of a family aristocrat Count Franz Anton cubes of cubes. After the fall of the communist regime, the family returned from New York where he was forced to emigrate to the Czech Republic to take over the family residence. Apart from Castle "inherit" but also reactionary kastelána, hypochondriac gardener or even cook who likes clicks, and often it blows over. The author spun a series of incredibly comical situations.

"Both productions involving many current challenges in the Czech Republic live, and I am glad for them through theater, we can freely express themselves," says Jan Hrušínský and adds: "Anti-Semitism is as repugnant and dangerous as Communism and Fascism. I would like to Divadlo Na Jezerce was for the audience not only fun and engaging top professional performances, but my ambition is to create theater that presented their viewers a clear civic stance and views on freedom and fair legal procedure. And for this project can both upcoming games, "Shylock" and "Last aristocrat", although every other means great serve. Arts, Jan Werich he said, is to serve. But it must never wait. I hope that the viewers have to look forward and that our theater will be in the next season to entertain and interest as well, as was the case throughout its existence, "says Principal Theatre Na Jezerce Jan Hrušínský.

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