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Selfie on the Mona Lisa to let go taste

Photos and videos from vacation convey your experiences to others, but you can get into trouble Publish photos and videos from vacation regularly on social networks, or at least nepřivézt home full memory card, it is as if you did not go anywhere at all.

"Excessive zeal when taking shots but you can get into trouble if you do not respect the prohibitions, restrictions and local customs," says marketing director of travel agency Alexandria Petr Šatný.

In many museums, as well as theaters, churches and architectural monuments as fairly common prohibition to use flash photography, the ban on photographing some specific place or perhaps a ban on taking pictures and filming professional equipment and the ability to take shots only those amateur and still only for private use.

Paris Orsay Museum, which are collected works of famous French impressionist, tourists actually simplifies everything. Some time ago, had introduced a complete ban on taking photographs.

Elsewhere in Versailles while getting tough against photographing as such they are not so strict, but dragged into the fight against the phenomenon of our time - shooting selfie. Never mind while shots as such, your phone may need to take a picture of the Palace of Versailles in memory of anyone with anyone. But must be very careful when using telescopic mount that allows you to get more engaged face modeled on the now legendary selfie of the Academy Awards in 2014.

Versailles castle guard is worried that could damage the mirrors, furniture and some works of art. "A total ban is said to be expected at the latest before the beginning of the holiday season," says Peter Šatný and adds: "Worrying is also the famous Louvre, where fear destruction of some works, when the tourists operate with selfie holders near the famous paintings such as the Mona Lisa. I do not know if this is an exaggeration, because the famous painting can not bring more than good five meters. "

Parisian museum Centre Pompidou, which displays modern art, according to a recent statement by its spokesman has also "aims to ban". A similarly express prohibitions and access more and more museums around the world.

Insults natives even months in custody

To photographing his travels upset local residents do not need to violate or no formal ban. In Kathmandu, Nepal, which together with the whole country has recently repeatedly suffered a devastating earthquake, immediately became a hit with bad selfie Dharahara nine-tower, boasting more recently, a spiral staircase with two hundred stairs.

Some locals, especially the older generation's gotten over hearts and fotící with exhibitionists verbally attacked that their behavior is inferior and unworthy. They can not be too surprising: throughout the country thousands of people perished, several dozen of them just when visiting this monument.

Not so long ago, the media all over the world flew Report an American Breanna Young, who during a visit to the former Auschwitz concentration camp in manufactured with a smiling photo directly inside the historic ghetto. On his Twitter share it in June last year, he earned thousands of outraged comments suspending over its immediate smile on the spot where he died millions of Holocaust victims.

But it's still "just" about the imminent conflict with security or indignation "natives". In living memory, however, still it is far more serious bummer pair Czechs, who in 2012, Greek police arrested on suspicion of spying on the island of Lemnos in the northeast Aegean Sea. According to local authorities, photographing military installations, according to the detainees was just shooting footage for an upcoming computer game. Several months spent in custody, threatened them to 20 years in prison. Home arrive until the following January, after difficult negotiations, Czech diplomacy and a deposit of 256,000 crowns.

Russian porn with Egyptian pyramids

Egyptian authorities are investigating again, how is it possible that the foreigners at the pyramids of Giza managed to shoot a video that mark as pornographic.
"There was a rotation of illegal pornographic images around the pyramids, made ​​a foreign tourist," said Egyptian Minister of Antiquities Mamdúh ad-Damat.
Russian-speaking tourists recorded video near the Pyramids of Giza and the famous Sphinx. Although the definition of "porn" in the predominantly Muslim Egypt and tolerant atheist Czech Republic may be very different, the fact is that the "case", according to Egyptian Minister had already begun to deal with the prosecutor's office.

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