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Against loss of memory: CSSR 1968 / Crimea 2014

We helped too - such is the subtitle of the current fifth-year campaign against memory loss, which is organized by the People in Need Foundation on the occasion of commemorating the victims of the communist regime. As of 27 June, but combines one more anniversary - twenty-four years ago left Czechoslovakia last Soviet soldier.

The theme of this year's campaign is to commemorate the victims of Soviet occupation in 1968 and in this context also draw attention to other cases when Moscow used tanks to prevent countries climb out of its sphere of influence.

"We want to point out that the invasion and long stay of the Soviet Army in Czechoslovakia had tragic consequences. It was not the first time Moscow has deployed the army against disobedient satellite. In 1953, pulled out at the behest tanks against protesters workers in East Berlin, three years later, Soviet troops drowned the Hungarian revolution in blood. So we are one of the many nations that have the Soviet imperial expansionism unfortunate experience. Should it implies the ability to be in solidarity with those who are victims of this aggression. In connection with the current situation in Ukraine, we should take a clear position, "says
Karel Strachota, director of the Stories of Injustice project, under whose auspices the campaign proceeds.

In the subtitle of the campaign helped us too refers to the historical experience of the Russian imperial demands, which we have shared with Ukraine. "In this situation it is particularly important to stick with our Western political orientation and transatlantic relations, honor the commitments which we have towards its allies in NATO to participate actively on a common European policy. Czech Republic belongs to a democratic Europe. Contemporary Russia, which has repeatedly violated international law, that threatens Europe. Let's behave responsibly, neprojevujme weakness and the threat to the characters. Knowing that we have experienced the occupation of the east, "says Karel Strachota the motto of this year's campaign.

The campaign takes place in a public space in the media and on the Web against loss to it, people can join by signing a memorandum that summarizes its basic ideas.

Source: tz PIN, editorially modified

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