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Chinese medicine belongs to Czech hospitals?

Blood tests, ultrasound, inpatient department, a pavilion of traditional Chinese medicine ... I would in the future could look like an information board in Czech hospitals. So far, Chinese medicine is still an alternative medical direction, which leads to inflamed debate between laymen and experts.

Traditional Chinese medicine are called various techniques of medicine, some of which have a history and development over three thousand years. Doctors in this direction are trying to take the patient's body as a whole, where everything is connected to everything. Just as in Western medicine here is based on a comprehensive examination and treatment, the emphasis is on prevention. However, then the approach varies somewhat.

Important energy

The main principles of diagnosis and treatment based on different philosophical foundations and contextual than Western medicine, but have their own internal coherence, and underlying assumptions, which are capable (similar to Western medicine) to predict the development of disorders, diseases, treatment outcomes, etc.. The cornerstone is the theory of energy the basis of all processes in the body, the relationship between female yin (yin) and yang male (yang) and the five stages. The energy of chi in every human body flows in a given acupuncture pathways. On these points is that they have links with relevant internal body organs. Using these points can be said to stimulate energy flow, they can detect health problems and then solve them. So much for the theory in a nutshell. Proponents of Chinese medicine, and some of their patients argue that this approach works. Opponents point to the lack of evidence in the form of serious professional studies. Moreover, it argues that it is impossible to prove the existence of acupuncture meridians or important points, let alone scientifically validate her vital connection to the internal organs.

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MD expert opinion. Petra Hoffmann

Hesitant a step in the right direction

Traditional Chinese medicine nowadays belong in alternative directions. The civilized world is seen as complementary or supplementary (for example, to our Western medicine). Every medicine has always had its limits and boundaries, even though no matter how well done, has a maximum of 80% success rate. Traditional Chinese medicine is and will certainly enriching and widening the possibilities for the care of our health. To understand eg. In a neighboring medically advanced Germany and has more than 30 years here in the direction of run clinics and private accredited workplaces that are covered by health insurance, either partially or even in certain diseases completely. German health economists had calculated well what comes out state (ie taxpayers) cheaply and efficiently, and adheres to the Hippocratic principle: No matter which method to cure the patient, it is important to be healed! So long as we are starting to "reinvent the wheel", and seems to be still a long way ...
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Where is the truth?

Even greater differences lead to the authenticity of specific methods. The main ones include acupuncture, acupressure, moxa or heat application or administration of Chinese herbal medicine herbs, massage, change in diet and lifestyle and special exercises. Besides acupuncture needles or implementation it is mostly about a smooth and gentle techniques. Although trained healers in these and many other Chinese treatments swear by their effectiveness, experts oppose unproven modern trends and impacts all of these methods are deemed unscientific.

Interest takes

It is clear that the dispute fundamentally different view various people on the procedures and results of traditional Chinese medicine will continue. One can not deny the fact that the sites offering these services is still growing. Candidates may complete many kinds of treatments, those who wish to provide services, again various training courses, or even schools. Apart from the healing techniques taught Chinese medicine and specific approach to patients. Thus, taking into account the variability of the disease, to monitor all organs, not just the sick, try to establish a compliance body back. And the main thing? Strengthen the faith of the patient in the healing approach him quite individually and do not rush anything.

Would this work?

Some time ago was the press release that the Teaching Hospital in Hradec Kralove preparing innovative project - plans to build a clinic of traditional Chinese medicine and link the western and eastern styles of treatment. The exam will first open clinic led by experts from China. What will this move patients? Who help this alternative direction stood or stands, I have found my healer or may do so in any major city. And all these connections possible due to the fact that many of the educated doctors classic Chinese medicine looks at least as unreliable learning?

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MD expert opinion. Andrew Toman
Ambulance neurology, chiropractic and acupuncture, Neratovice

Effective bonus, not a panacea

Traditional Chinese medicine is very precise and elaborate system. It virtually unchanged since its inception several thousand years ago, has helped a large number of patients. It is therefore a method absolutely proven over time. After 15 years of studying Chinese medicine, while active practice in Western medicine, I must say that many initially incomprehensible (due to the different view of the patient and disease syndromes) is actually quite logical from our "scientific" perspective. For example, no one probably did not contest the effect of acupuncture on pain and allergic reactions, but the possibilities are much wider influence - from autoimmune disease after solving complex relationships between organs. After repeated visits to China, where the model blending the techniques of Chinese and Western medicine works well, I am clearly in favor of the development of this direction and in Czech hospitals. It must be borne in mind that the education of specialists takes many years (in my opinion even more than 10 years) as well as all Chinese healing that can not be addressed. Many acute illnesses or advanced master principle and practice of Western medicine only. However, there is also support for traditional Chinese medicine for more than welcome.
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Helena Novotna
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MD. George Náhlovský

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