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Change of supplier takes many forms. Leave without penalty if the energy will go up

Last year, new electricity trader has chosen over 250 thousand households. Changing supplier is legally free. About how often they can change household energy provider decides the type of contract ..

A dissatisfied customer can help with the speedy departure of the price increase or change in business conditions. As is clear from the latest research about this possibility knows less than half of Czech customers.

When the household decides to switch suppliers, should be in addition to the price of the new company, check the type of an existing contract with the merchant. Provisions in business conditions is decide whether the testimony given immediately or only at a specific date. In addition to the classic statement, customers can also use withdrawal when the supplier raises prices or changes the terms of trade. The last option to optimize the electricity bill or gas, so-called retention - thus changing product. This step is administratively less demanding and can bring interesting savings.

The standard notice period is 3 months

Suppliers usually offer two types of contracts: contracts for an indefinite period and fixed-term contracts. The basic difference is that the contract of indefinite duration may be terminated at any time during the year and after a three-month notice period begins Household draw power from a new supplier. Term contract is negotiated for a specific period - usually two or three years, or its end is determined by a specific date. 'Fixed-term contract is therefore necessary to denounce the date that is set in the business conditions. This type of agreement usually does not end with the expiry of the term, but will be automatically extended, "said John Poncarová project

In the event that domestic suppliers did not change, nor did not sign off on any amendment of an existing company, it is likely that he has signed a contract for an indefinite period. Now these customers will pay off in the spring to think about changing supplier. "Given the three-month notice period for a contract of indefinite duration is sufficient time to reduce costs for the winter months," said Michael Eisner, independent consultant and expert on energy.

If the contractor gets more expensive, you can turn to leave

Another option provides a situation where the contractor raises the price of energy or changing business conditions. In this case, the customer can withdraw from the contract in the shortened period. A similar eventuality, however, still not informed all customers. "Our statistics show that the option only knows 48% of customers. A 21% buyers believe that this step is not right, "said Vladimír Vácha, spokesman for E.ON Energie, as

The amendment to the Energy Act of 2011, but speaks clearly. If the energy supplier will raise or change the terms and conditions, the customer can in a short period he leave. The deadline by which it must submit the resignation, varies depending on whether and how to change supplier notifies the customer. "The trader should a forthcoming change instruct the customer at least 30 days before the price rise or modifying the terms of trade. During this time, or even 10 days before the changes come into effect, the customer can withdraw from the contract, "said John Poncarová.

In the event that the contractor fails to notify a change of business conditions, customer Address, for example, letter, e-mail or SMS, the withdrawal period and extending the contract can withdraw up to 3 months after the changes take effect.

Gain promotions for existing customers

An interesting alternative is a change of supplier negotiation of a new product (tariff) for the existing energy companies. In recent years offer domestic suppliers expands and there are so-called retention offerings that are designed exclusively to existing customers. "With these offerings, suppliers trying to keep their customers. They may get a lower price of electricity or gas, without having to undergo arduous process of changing supplier. In that case, just contact your supplier for the customer service line and simply ask for a new tariff, "said Michael Eisner.

Source: tz Lesenský.cz

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